Fetch the Funny: Amusing Dog Toys at SuperZoo 2019 Las Vegas

dog trainer with dog on her backVegas, baby. Another whirlwind trip, unfortunately without my fearless canine sidekick with me. But many dog encounters had I at SuperZoo 2019, a huge annual pet industry trade show in Las Vegas. Few pups passed me by, and I met Sara Carson and Hero of Super Collies in person! Watch for that up next ….

Briefly, here’s the scoop on pet trends:
  • CBDs are big for dogs (and some cats) and there’s some major regulation differences between Canada and the U.S. I’ll cover that issue more extensively next month.
  • Pet food trends continue to follow human food trends so watch for our guide to non-meat (that’s right, meat alternatives) dog food and treats.
  • And urban chicken farming is definitely a thing.

As a warm-up to the SuperZoo product series featured on dogtrotting.net, I’ll start with funny. Here are new pet toy themes amusing to both you and your pup. Ok, your dog likely won’t get the joke, but pet parents will. And that’s who snatching them off the shelves, right?Dog toy 1 trump

Humptee Trumptee

Lost it when I saw Humptee Trumptee (affiliate link).  Thanks to the irreverent humour of Fuzzu, who introduced the Trump dog chew toy two years ago (a big seller), the company spun the idea into a stuffed round Humpty Dumpty likeness of someone you might recognize – and he sits on a wall. Get it? A wall!

Watch for a cat toy version with organic catnip (affiliate link) in the works for Christmas too.

Dog toys 10 sticksSticky Fun Super Heroes

Doog introduced Stick dog toys (affiliate link) a few years ago, but with so many characters to have fun with the lines are endless. This year it’s super heroes such as a green Incredible Stalk, Captain Fantastic, and Tree-mendous Twig.

Cute, clever easy to throw and they float. Safer than a real stick, with no splinters, and made from recycled rubber, they even have a rope for throwing when things get a little droolie.

Chewish Dog Toysjewish themed dog toys

Oy! Jewish dog tired of Christian-centric holiday toys? Chewish Dog Toys (affiliate link) from Copa are the answer. Pick up a menorah, kosher bone or star – all the classic symbols.

If he’s anything like my dog, he’ll tear them open just as fast. But like most stuffed dog toys, they’re cute while they lasted. Like all the toys, the design is for the fur moms. Or in this case, the Jewish fur mom.

Stay tuned for more from our Las Vegas SuperZoo 2019 adventure …


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