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poster with black and white dog in apple field promoting dog friendly Luna Farms

Checking out all the dog friendly apple picking options in Ontario, Canada takes a few weekends – start with Luna Farms in Hamilton.

Check out the public pool event open to dogs on the last day of the summer.

Meet four pet entrepreneurs who pivoted their companies into niche pet markets at a time when others were lying low.

Have fun making charcuterie for dogs, or your dog specifically. If not, included are places offering charcuterie for dogs on the menu.

poster of Grundy Lake promoting dog-friendly Grundy Lake with small image of white and black dog

Grundy Lake Provincial Park was the road trip break my dog and I needed while travelling along Highway 400 in Ontario, Canada. Here’s why.

Created centuries ago by glaciers and then erosion, Bilger’s Rocks is a unique protected site – unique first because it’s dominated by massive rock formations.

dog swimming in blue water holding an orange toy

During the hot summer, finding pools for dogs to swim in is challenging. Thankfully, we found K9 Fun Zone in Caledonia, Ontario. Find out!

Plant-based everything is a growing trend for both people and pets. Here are 8 plant-based dog food & treats and what they are made from.

Killarney Mountain Lodge is dog-friendly in select rooms – the cabins with no walls shared with other rooms and suites numbered 196 and 195. The suites are attached to each other and are dog-friendly, if there are dog families on each side. Dogs at Killarney Mountain Lodge are a common sight, so likely the suites are hosting pups almost every week if not every weekend.