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Four Common Dog Health Issues Easily Treatable (and Preventable)

Sometimes what seems like minor issues are actually symptoms of a larger problem – sometimes they are minor issues for your dog. Paw irritation for instance can be an infection or irritation due to road salt. Nasal congestion can be seasonal allergies or a blockage that needs removing. Similarly, dry nose is not natural but might be a reaction to weather.

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5 Ways to Clean Your Dog’s Teeth at Home

Dog oral health is extremely important, especially as a preventative strategy to ward off disease later in life. February is dog dental health month, so we at are exploring some ways to clean your dog’s teeth at home including using dog chews, water additives, and even canine toothpaste.

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Six Months Old Today! To Spay or Not to Spay (it’s not really a question)

Four months ago my life turned upside down when a little white and black puppy cascaded into my world. Today, she is six months old! I’d like to say we celebrated by travelling somewhere post worthy, somewhere dog-friendly, scenic and virus free. But alas, there is still no such place and our travel destination dream […]

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Doggy Daycare to the Rescue: The Benefits of Socializing Pandemic Pups Revealed

Getting your dog used to other dogs and people, or dog socialization, helps your pup behave well in a variety of situations such as pet festivals where there’ll be plenty of people, pooches and children. Fortunately, my dog spent the first eight weeks of her life cuddled by kids, both toddlers living in the house and daycare clients, so she responds positively to little people when we encounter them.

My beautiful black terrier on hay bale with text: Canine Cognitive Dystunction

Does my dog have dementia? MRI results don’t lie. Here’s how to know… (part two)

According to research, about 60 percent of dogs over the age of 14 show signs of dementia, often not obvious until the dog is in an advanced stage.

What are the symptoms of CCD or dog dementia?

It’s hard to say. According to my dog’s neurology report, “clinical signs of CCD are numerous and often unspecific.”

cute beige terrier being carried by vet tech with text: heading to Vet clinic for neurological consult

Our not-so-fun road trip: Neurological Consult and Dog MRI at Ontario Vet College, Guelph, ON (Part One)

The Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph, Ontario is arguable the best small animal facility in the country, and many specialist consults are referred here – it’s one of two places to get a canine MRI in the region – and a team of Veterinary professors, interns and observing students consult over your fur baby.