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Pets are family. There’s no question about it. So they should be able to go where you go, and that’s the motivation behind dogtrotting.net. We’re here to answer the question: ‘what’s dog-friendly near me?’ or even better, what’s dog-friendly where you’re headed.

If we had a manifesto it would be this: Wherever kids can go, the dog should go … and more.

That’s not true yet. But we’re working on it.

In the meantime, have fun with your dog! Other publications offer cautious words and sound advice about dog diet, safety, and training – and those things are important.

But dogtrotting.net is about enjoying your pup: take your dog where you can, when you can and hopefully our dog-friendly travel articles will inspire you. And if we aren’t traveling with the dog, we’ll find and share dog pics, dog places, and dog facts to check out and learn something.

We’ve been there: done that!

Rest assured, we personally check out all places we write about and share (unless otherwise indicated) to determine the true dog-friendly versus dog-tolerate status of each site, event, activity, or hotel we experience.

Oh, we like dog stuff too. We also review helpful dog products and food perfect for your pooch at home or on the road. Happy tails, happy trails.

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Here’s what you’ll find on dogtrotting.net:

  • places to travel with your dog based on actual experience
  • reviews of dog-friendly hotels, festivals and cafes
  • unique travel attractions featuring dogs
  • dogs encountered while travelling
  • and dog products that make your life easier.

Articles are posted three times a month by me, Sherri, with the help of my canine sidekick, Victoria. (See: Meet My Dog and Friends). Dogtrotting.net is dedicated to Victor, my heart dog and first canine travel buddy who unfortunately passed July 13, 2020, after years of adventure.

I’m Sherri, a professional writer for 30 years and travel writer for the last 20. I’m a member of TMAC (Travel Media Association of Canada) and Dog Writers Association of America. I’ve lived with cats, dogs, horses and guinea pigs all my life, and I travel almost weekly with my canine companion, Victoria. Currently, I’m studying dog behaviour at Victoria Stilwell Academy (VSA).

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beautiful pic of black and white dog on rock in field

Once a week, you’ll receive a dog-friendly travel narrative based on first hand (and canine) experience complete with important where, when and how information, helpful when giving it a try yourself. You might also receive product reviews, dog treat recipes, great travel destination suggestions, or dog health information. What you will NOT see are a lot of ads, pop-ups, or videos interrupting your reading experience.

Most important: dogtrotting.net wants to hear from you.

  • Where have you been with your dog?
  • What destinations or sites near you are dog-friendly?
  • What inspires you to travel, with or without your pet?
  • What dog friendly travel tips can you share?

Let us know in the comment section each and every post.

So sign up via email at www.dogtrotting.net now and share with other dog and travel enthusiasts.

Dogtrotting.net is a companion site to www.horsetrotting.net and www.cattrotting.net (coming soon), so why not check those out too? Sign up via email for all three, because what’s better than one animal travel site? Three.

Thanks for reading,

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Sherri Telenko, B.A., M.A.


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  1. Anonymous · ·

    Does anyone know of any company that does Pet Travel Insurance. We will be going with our two dogs to the States this year for a couple of weeks. All the company’s I contacted weren’t interested in short term insurance.

  2. Bob Evans · ·

    Hi Sherri and Victor. I am the person you talked to at Pavlo Pottery in Rockton during the Fair. I do some buying, merchandising, an email newsletter and yes work in the shop as my time permits. I just received your blog, and want to thank you for the great writeup about our NSD Campaign. I would like to forward it to Kim who works our booth at the St Jacob’s Market so she knows about it. With your permission, I would like to print and post it in the studio and also use it in our next newsletter along with a link to your blog. Thanks for your support.
    Bob Evans

    1. Sure sounds great! Thanks for asking.

  3. Liz Barron · ·

    I’ve been traveling with my dog, Lucy, for the past month. She is great in the truck. I have some issues with breaking her regular schedule of eating, walking, treats, more walks and her bedtime snack time. All of which is hard to do when driving for ten hours. Lucy is adapting well, me, on the other hand, is feeling like I should stop more, walk her more, stay longer at rest stops.

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