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Make it a Dog Valentine’s Day: 7 Fun Ideas

Welcome to the guide to creating a Dog Valentine’s Day. First, we focus on treats then fun gifts and fundraisers.

The Ultimate Guide to Dog-friendly Halifax, Nova Scotia

Welcome to our dog-friendly Halifax, Nova Scotia guide – all the places you can take your pup on a trip to Halifax, including the Seaport.

Hot Spots in Dogs: earthbath treatment balm review

I’m applying earthbath treatment balm to my dog’s hot spots – and paws and nose, because it’s also designed to help combat winter dryness. Check out why….

Enjoy a Flight with Fido at the Dog-friendly Garrison Brewing Co in Halifax

You can bring your dog to the Garrison Brewing Co. for a beer (or flight of five), but you’ll also have to bring your own food. Fortunately, options are around the corner.

Best Interactive Dog Toys to Beat Boredom

Check out this review of five interactive dog toys that are a great way to beat doggie boredom while stuck indoors on a winter’s day.

How to Entertain a Dog Indoors During a Blizzard

Entertain your dog indoors during a blizzard by providing enrichment games such as puzzles, snuffle mats, scent games, and laser dot chasing.

Happy New Year 2023 from

Happy New Year from We hope 2023 will see the return of safe travel and will take full advantage, with the dog in tow, of course.

Take your dog to Ball’s Falls Conservation Area – Even During Winter Wonderland

Yes, you can take your dog to Ball’s Falls Conservation Area even during Winter Wonderland for an illuminated 1.5 km walk. Check out other dog-friendly Holiday Light Shows too.

Travel Advice: Come fly with me and the dog….

Generally, the in-cabin airplane pet carrier must be a soft-sided, airline approved, leak-resistant, well-ventilated and secure container that’s no larger than 40cmx44cmx21.5cm in size.

10 Ways to Save Money on Pet Products That Might Surprise You

How to Save Money on Pet Products and Services – 10 Money-Saving Ideas You Might or Might Not Know