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The Truth About Puppies. Or What to Expect When You’re Expecting … a Puppy.

When you have a new puppy, walking from the bedroom to the bathroom is a challenge. With each step, a puppy bites at my slippers and jumps at my feet. She grabs at my jeans after I’m dressed, ripping holes in the denim (twice). Getting ready to take her out for morning pee is a game of keep-away with my snow boots, already sporting one chewed-off tie. Welcome to the truth about new puppies….

black and white dog eating cranberry bacon dog treat

Recipe: Cranberry Bacon Heart Dog Treats

If, like me, you missed the cranberry boat during the holiday season, Valentines Day presents the opportunity to create some dog-friendly superfood canine treats for your one true love. Here’s a Cranberry Bacon Dog Treat Recipe.

Dogtrotting Shop: Wearable Dog Love for Valentines Season Only

The ‘true love’ dog sweatshirt is the first in a series of three Fido fashion-forward designs exclusive to this site: ‘Dogs Lead with Love’ and ‘Puppy Love.’

Dogtrotting Shop Launch: Just in time for Puppy Love Season (& CONTEST!)

Win a ‘True Love Dog Sweatshirt! Contest is open until February 13, 2021. On February 14, 2021, I’ll randomly select one entry. Winners will be contacted via email for a mailing address and size. (Sweatshirts are true to size for women).

Indoguration? Creative Fundraisers for DHA and Museum of the Dog, NYC

I’m looking to frame my custom Pet Portrait of Victor by Kristin Doney. Best $95 US I’ve ever donated. The AKC Museum of the Dog organized a fundraiser that helped both the museum and a city artist. For a minimum donation of $95 and an emailed image of your dog, the museum sent me back a matted 4×6 illustration of my dog, Victoria.

dog dreaming of travelling

Dreaming of Travel Dog-friendly Wanderlust List 2021

Welcome 2021, welcome Victoria and welcome to my vision of dog-friendly travel for the next year (or so): Acadia National Park, Thunder Bay, and Philadelphia.

Happy New Year & Puppy Photoshoot

But one canine Christmas fundraiser organized near me prevailed and held a scaled down, scheduled, and socially-distanced photoshoot in a farmer’s field behind the Punch Bowl Market and Bakery in Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada.

Celebrate! Pandemic Puppy Birthday Cake and Dog Treat Cookies (Recipe)

Hello! I’m three months old today. I was born September 22, 2020. I’m Victoria (half cocker, half springer and all spaniel), and I’ve taken over writing this article today primarily because my mom is tired from working, baking up a storm to celebrate my 12-weeks of existence, and dealing with the fallout from a thing […]

Getting Crafty: Easy Pet Wreath & More…

“Create something for the sake of creating,” was the advice I read recently. It’s not about gifts or gaining a side-hustle; it’s about channeling your focus into a methodical hands-on activity. Add pets into the mix and you’ve got a double whammy of boosting mental health and well-being. And who can’t use a little more […]

Welcome Victoria! At Presqu’ile Provincial Park

Having a dog in tow – even if that dog is more swaddled than sprinting – is a great reason to check out an Ontario provincial park I haven’t seen yet: Presqu’ile Provincial Park minutes from Highway 401 along Lake Ontario midway between Kingston and Toronto. Presqu’ile, a boomerang-shaped spit of limestone and sand, is French for an ‘almost island, and it’s a stop for migratory birds and butterflies Spring and Fall.