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three dogs in the snow on a poster promoting best dog paw protection

Best Dog Paw Protection in Winter or How to Protect Your Dog’s Feet in 4 Easy Steps

Before each walk, I rub the tube on my dog’s feet, coating my dog’s paw pads with wax. This adds a barrier between her paws and the road salt. In a pinch, you can use petroleum jelly. Neither are toxic if the dog licks them, but both wear off in less than an hour. Long walks need reapplication.

Easy homemade frozen dog treats poster with three pictures of dog treats

Easy Homemade Frozen Dog Treat Recipes For Snow Day Fun

Winter storms and snow days lead to one thing – time to experiment with homemade frozen dog treats, including homemade frozen dog treats with yogurt (my dog’s favorite).

brown and white dog on poster explaining dog teeth brushing

5 Ways to Clean Your Dog’s Teeth at Home

Dog oral health is extremely important, especially as a preventative strategy to ward off disease later in life. February is dog dental health month, so we at are exploring some ways to clean your dog’s teeth at home including using dog chews, water additives, and even canine toothpaste.

Promotional poster for The Pinery Provincial Park Dog Beach post on

Pinery Provincial Park Dog Beach & More. (Grand Bend, Ontario – Part II)

Two of the day beach zones along the 10-kilometre Lake Huron shoreline at the Pinery Provincial Park are designated dog-friendly – P1 and P2 – at the furthest east end of the lakeshore. However, according to the rules, these aren’t leash-free beaches – dogs must be on a controlled leash less than two-metres long. The good news: these beaches are expansive and part of the main beach – rather than small gravelly less-desirable areas like many other dog beaches sometimes are.

Grand Bend Dogs Allowed: Ontario’s Beach Town in Lambton County

The Grand Bench beach that runs for miles from the iconic lighthouse to the beachfront accessible from the pet-friendly Oakwood Resort is not dog-welcoming in the summer. However, off-season in the middle of winter, no one seemed to care – especially because early morning on the Grand Bend Beach was primarily the domain of fellow dog walkers, and canine stick scouts. So many sticks. My dog loved it.

Spirited New Year: Dog-Inspired Wineries, Breweries, & Distilleries (and give-backs)

A list of wineries, distilleries and breweries inspired by dogs, named after dogs, and that give back to pet rescues and dog groups.

black and white dog on poster that says Happy Holiday Pet Photos

Happy Dog-friendly Holidays!

Happy holidays to all your dogs, cats, and related fur babies. Check out our holiday photos from Bow Wow Wow Photography in Ontario, Canada.

The Best Dog-friendly Christmas Events, Light Displays, and Drive-Thrus in Ontario

Tis the season … to grab the dog, jump into the car and head out to awe at Christmas light shows in a town near you. Finding dog-friendly Christmas events can be time consuming because you have to search the websites for answers. Don’t worry, we did that for you! All listed here are dog-friendly holiday light displays – fur sure.

Dog face with text 'Yes Victoria. There is a dog Santa Clause. One dog's holiday wish list letter to Santa

Yes, Victoria. There is a canine Santa Clause. (One dog’s holiday gift wish list)

Here’s a list of our favourite dog treat and toy companies, and the products that made into Victoria’s Letter-to-Santa. Dear Santa, I’ve been a very good puppy this year….

Pet Photos with Santa: Tips, Tricks, and Trips (plus photo ops in Ontario)

Here’s a round-up of Pet Photo events (hopefully) near you. If not, there’s always dog-friendly hotels nearby – make a weekend of it. We will!