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Dog-friendly Public Pool Fun … one day a year for a cause

Check out the public pool event open to dogs on the last day of the summer.

Welcome Pet Festival Season 2023! Let’s Get it Started.

From the May long weekend to the end of the summer, you can likely attend a pet festival every weekend depending where you live. Here’s where and when.

AKC New Breed! Welcome the Bracco Italiano

At the 2023 147th AKC Westminster Dog Show, the Bracco Italiano was announced as an official AKC dog breed in the Sporting Dog Group.

What is a Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen?

Buddy Holly, the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen is the Best in Show winner at the AKC 147th Westminster Dog Show in Queens, NYC on May 9, 2023.

147th AKC Westminster Dog Show 2023 Night One!

Here are the results of night one of the 147th AKC Westminster Dog Show in Queens, NCY – a problematic location.

Fido Fun at the 2023 Westminster Canine Celebration Day!

Festivities started on Saturday, May 6, 2023 with the Canine Celebration Day, and it was a celebration thanks to several dog events including agility, obedience competitions, and dock diving and some really great unseasonably warm sunny weather.

7 Surprising Canadian Pet Companies Coast-to-Coast

Check out these 7 Canadian pet companies coast to coast including surprising finds including seal meat dog treats and java wood chews.

Pooch Plunge: Dog Waterparks & Pools in Southern Ontario

Where to find dog waterparks, pools and splash pads open for pups at the end #of the summer season in Southern, Ontario, Canada. #dogpool #poochplunge #doggiedip

Dog friendly breweries, special events, and the Canadian Pet Expo… back in 2022

The season of pet festivals has begun. Start by taking you dog to the Canadian Pet Expo Easter weekend. Then head to dog-friendly breweries during special pet event days.

Pet Photos with Santa: Tips, Tricks, and Trips (plus photo ops in Ontario)

Here’s a round-up of Pet Photo events (hopefully) near you. If not, there’s always dog-friendly hotels nearby – make a weekend of it. We will!