Travel to dog-friendly London’s Pawlooza … fifth time lucky at THE summer dog festival

It’s our fifth anniversary … attending Pawlooza, a vibrant one-day pet celebration on a private property in London, Ontario, Canada. That’s right: has attended Pawlooza for the last five years and loved the festival each time.

However, my now 14-year-old cocker-cross pup Victor has aged in the process.

The first few years Victor pulled on the leash, walked for hours and reacted a couple of times to other dogs in his face. But rarely tired. One year, the heat was a lot for my pooch and a pet communicator told me he wasn’t loving the stress.

Other years, the temperature was kinder, and he loved the little dog leash-free run.

This year, Pawlooza 2019, early morning thunderstorms might have reduced numbers to the festival – that usually sees about 25,000 people and 6,000 dogs blanket the Plunkett Estate donated for the day so dogs can run into the large pond and stream and vendors set up tents over the sprawling property that includes a dog agility barn, 27-car garage, horse stable and golf course.

But at Pawlooza, the property goes to the dogs … literally. One stage was set up this year, but activities included separate small and large off-leash runs, a lure course, dock diving and agility demonstrations.

Victor, however, participated only in the little dog leash-free park and even then, slowly and characteristically bossy. Thanks to an ACL tear last fall, he still wears a brace to stabilize his knee.

Most of the day, he spent in his stroller (affiliate link), shading him from the sun and separating him from stresses. Realistically, it made it much easier (see our Wiener-paw-looza experience here) for me to navigate the activity … and yes, shop.

My once energetic little buddy is slowing down. So, we’ll have to accommodate our travels accordingly. Wheels have given me a new perspective on mobility – and Victor, a space to chill.

Using a stroller has helped our travels considerably as my dog ages – it also garners a bit attention.
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  2. […] Some summers have been too hot for my little guy; other years have been just right. I figured out step one should be to head straight to the little dog leash-free play zone and let Victor run off some steam and explore, before I expect him to stroll along side me through vendors. Or, more recently, ride in his stroller (affiliate US) or (affiliate Canada) which is becoming invaluable at festivals like this. Check out our latest Pawlooza fun here. […]

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