Pizza, Burgers, and Fries … Don’t miss these dog Toys, Treats, & Temptations

So many dog toys, treats and chews, and so much free time – my dog, anyway. Keeping my high energy dog busy is almost a full-time job. Fortunately, I love shopping for pet stuff and dog toys.

I particularly loved spending two full days at SuperZoo, a pet industry trade who filled with everything you can imagine for fury, scaly, and feathered friends you can image.

An odd theme I noticed at SuperZoo 2022 is that people are really attracted to pizza, burgers, and fries in various forms including dog toys and treats. So many burger and pizza shaped dog toys, and several treats named ‘burger’ something, currently grace pet store shelves or soon will. I guess anything burger or pizza sounds like a party for our pups to us because – let’s be real – our pets are not the ones reading the label or buying the toys.

Therefore, in honour of our fast food obsession, here it is: The ‘Pizza, Burger and a Side of Fries’ round-up of food-court inspired dog toys and treats.

Doggijuana Burger Dog Toy

dog toy shaped like a hamburger with realistic photo on it

First, cat nip isn’t just for the kitties anymore. The company that brought us Meowijuana cat nip products now has a line for dogs called ‘Get the Munchies.’ Realistic photos of food grace the surface of this puffy pillow toys, including of course a cheeseburger and, yes, a slice of pizza. (affiliate link)

Simply sprinkle the quality organic cat nip (or dog nip) inside. The dog toys can be regularly refilled as the potency wears off – and give it to your dog.

According to the company, apparently, the smell of cat nip has the opposite effect on some dogs than is does on felines. Instead of losing their minds, dogs mellow out after sniffing cat nip. As a result, this might be a great calming toy just before bed or when you need some extra quiet time.

dog toy snuffle mat shaped like pizza

Dog Pizza Snuffle Mat

The company Injoya is the king of snuffle mats (affiliate link). In fact, this kind of enrichment toy is all they design and sell. Starting with flowers and attractive patterns, the company has expanded into other snuffle mat themes including a round pizza with various ‘zones.’

Each zone on the pizza mat has a different way to hide treats for busy noses to sniff out, from tucking them into bitable stuffed pizza slices to hiding them among fabric ribbons of ‘cheese.’

fleece dog toy shaped like a container of noodles

Other fun new designs from Injoya include a box of noodles, an artichoke, and bubble tea. All involve pulling elements out and searching for the treasures and treats that can be tucked into pockets and crevices. Also new from the company is a fleece ‘under the sea’ themed snuffle mat made from recycled water bottles.

Backyard Barkers Dog Treats

Barkworthy’s Backyard Barkers are beef burger flavoured chews shaped like tiny patties. Designed for dogs who love chewing pizzle sticks, but live with people who don’t love the scent, Backyard Barkers are the answer. Barkworthy pulverizes pizzles and other beef products, adds collagen that good for dogs, then bakes it all into patties, or mini burgers, for pups that love chewy treats.

An added bonus is they Barworthy’s Backyard Barkers take a while to chew – giving you a bit of time before they ask for another treat. It’s like a chew that doesn’t linger half chewed. Barkyard Barkers aren’t yet available online, but check out this option (affiliate link).

Better Burg’r Plant-based Dog Treats

two bags of burger flavoured dog treats

Better Burg’r from Bright Planet (affiliate link) is one of a series of dog treat flavours all made from plant-based ingredients rather than meat but are formulated to replicate the taste of burgers, brats, bacon, and chicken.

The Better Burg’r kind are one-inch discs that can be easily broken in half for training treats. Each treat is 10 calorie, is made with plant product but contains no corn, soy, wheat, or peas proteins.

The Crowning Dog Treats

Crown to Tail is an honorary addition to the burger and pizza dog treat list because it’s released an ‘Everything But the Burger’ dog treat that contains no beef. Why? Because, according to Crown to Tail, (affiliate link) the best part of the burger is the toppings, which is why this soft chew contains barley flour, palm oil, honey, rolled oats, cheddar cheese, coconut oil, and natural bacon flavour.

But if pizza is more your thing, the second new dog treat flavour from Crown to Tail is Margherita Pizza (my favourite type of pizza). This crunchy dog treat contains some ingredients that make pizza special including cheese, diced tomatoes, basil, and oregano among other ingredients.

So, is my dog more of a pizza or burger (toppings) kind of pup? She preferred Crown to Tail’s ‘Everything But the Burger’ by a slim margin. Both treats disappeared quickly.

dog toy shaped like a container of french fries

Want Fries with That Dog Toys?

Of course … what’s a burger without fries? Fabfries from Fab Dog (affiliate link) is a cute red and yellow stuffie dog toy shaped like a classic red French fry holder with spikey soft yellow fries – and it comes in a red cardboard holder that you remove before giving the stuffed toy to your dog. Whimsical, squeaky, and fun and appealing to people as much as pups – like all the fast food inspired pet stuff.

Writer bio: Sherri Telenko has been a professional writer for decades and a travel writer for the last two. She’s a member of TMAC (Travel Media Association of Canada) and Dog Writers Association of America and travels almost weekly with her canine companion, Victoria. All written content is original, written by a person, and based on experience and research.


  1. Sandy Weinstein · · Reply

    wow, i bet you had a great time. thanks for the updates. Victoria lucked out on lots of new toy and treats.

    1. There was so much stuff … so many unique and funny ideas for pet toys.

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