Once again… Canadian Pet Expo 2019, Toronto, ON

can pet expo dog6Pet expos might be the best place to fill your photo with dog photos – especially those with ready-made sets like The Canadian Pet Expo on this weekend.

The annual Canadian Pet Expo 2019, September 14 and 15, 2019, fills two units of the International Conference across from Pearson Toronto Airport. This year, line-ups flow smoothly and the parking lot isn’t over-flowing. Maybe because the expo didn’t share a weekend with an annual shoe sale this time, or maybe because attendance is a big lower than previous years – it seems. Still one day to go.

Fewer people, however, make for easier walking through the aisles, especially if you bring your pooch. Mine unfortunately stayed home this time – age is making him tired and a Friday 13th full moon likely didn’t help.

Vendors at this expo are largely independents selling specialty products or retailers selling off stock. A few rescues represent specific breeds, but reptile breeders – actually selling snakes on site – have a dedicated section. (Some buyers even opened packages before leaving the expo floor). Strangely, frozen ‘feeder rats’ are sold one row away from the central small pet competition featuring cute bunnies, hamsters (even a hamster rescue), guinea pigs, hedgehogs, and yes, pet rats.

Pets are welcome, so a few cats and bunnies attended in strollers and some parrots on shoulders. Even Dozer the Pig was back in his booth (and wagon) this year. But mostly, today is a dog’s day … Dog Lover’s Lure Course keep pooches big and small running circles, a new tech enhanced course measuring speed allows adding chihuahua races to the schedule and, of course, the canine dock diving attracts the biggest crowds.

And if you have your fur buddy with you, the photo ‘booths’ set up like a bathtub, library, an ’80 glitter room and six others give you the perfect reason to fill your social media with dog photos. Who wouldn’t like that?

The Canadian Pet Expo 2019 runs September 14 and 15, 2019 until 6 pm at the International Centre, Toronto, Ontario.

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