Dog friendly breweries, special events, and the Canadian Pet Expo… back in 2022

Two dogs in hats sitting with beers promoting dog friendly breweries

Spring travel is finally looking dog-friendly, at least locally. My pup’s headed to the Canadian Pet Expo along with some dog-friendly breweries hosting dog-friendly brewery events coming up soon!

On the agenda this Easter 2022 weekend – The Canadian Pet Expo at the International Centre near the Toronto airport in Ontario, Canada. I’ve been marking what should be a religious weekend at a temple of my own: a huge pet expo celebrating all things furry, purry, scaly, and feathered, since the show ran under a previous name years ago.

It’s now called The Canadian Pet Expo. After a pandemic break, it’s back running Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Easter weekend: April 15 to 17, 2022. Like so many pet festivals, it’s mainly about the vendors but this one adds a purebred cat show, lure course, dock diving, and reptiles.

The week also marks the launch of a season – the pet festival season. And this year, I’m especially excited to see the events directory filling up with events and actual dates (rather than cancellation notices). Some of the favorites, such as Pawlooza in London, Ontario are back in full force. Others, such as Toronto’s Woofstock, are still MIA.

And … I’d like to develop a list of major US pet festivals too. So please let me know your favorite in the comments below. I’m hoping to head to DogBowl again in Michigan.

In the meantime….

There’s one thing missing from the Canadian Pet Expo and that’s a bar.

Black and with dog with wine glass

Pints with the Pups: Dog Events at Ontario Dog-friendly Breweries

I’m also looking forward to hoisting a pint with my dog, or taking in a flight of cider with the pup, and that’s possible at the following events at dog-friendly breweries:

1. Take your dog to Poochella in St. Catharines, Ontario

Poochella 2022 on May 15th, at Lock Street Brewing, 15 Lock Street, St. Catharines, Ontario isn’t an event we’ve previously checked out but are looking forward to it this year. Of course, the focus will be beer and wine from Lock Street Brewing along with a doggy DJ, Poochable Pop Up Shop, Barkuterie and Pupsicles along with food provided by

2. Head to Grit and Grain in Hamilton, Ontario

Small batch brewery, Grit and Grain, in Hamilton, Ontario hosts several creative events all summer, but the best idea of course is Dog Day Bash 2022 on May 29, 2022, from noon to 6 pm. Bring your dog for a beer (for you) and visit vendors and other pups.

cider and price list at Hounds of Erie Winery

Finally, the big finale is dog celebrations all summer long. That’s right, every weekend at Hounds of Erie Winery is the Dog Days of Summer.

Ok, this one isn’t a brewery, so isn’t in the city and that’s likely the best part. This is a cider winery in the rural reaches of Norfolk County: Hounds of Erie Winery, 377 7th Concession Road, Clear Creek, Ontario. But they’re hosting a summer-long dog festival – sort of.

Back this year after a few cancellations, Dog Days of Summer at Hounds of Erie Winery in Norfolk County. From May to September, each weekend is dedicated to another breed of dog – although everyone is welcome any weekend. Pre-registration is required but admission is free.

3. Sign up for any scheduled dates of Dog Days of Summer:

  • Saturday, May 1st – Doberman and Rottweiler
  • Saturday, May 7th – Huskies and Malamutes
  • Sunday, May 8th – Bernese Mountain Dogs
  • Saturday, May 14th – Shepherds
  • Sunday, May 15th – Collies
  • Saturday, May 21st – Irish Wolfhounds
  • Sunday, May 22nd – Irish Setters
  • Saturday, May 28th – Newfoundlanders
  • Sunday, May 29th – Sheepdogs
  • Saturday, June 4th – Poodles
  • Sunday, June 5th – Pomeranians
  • Saturday, June 11th – Bulldogs
  • Sunday, June 12th – Bichon Frise
  • Saturday, June 18th – Hound Dogs
  • Sunday, June 19th – Boston Terrier
  • Saturday, June 25th – Mastiffs
  • Sunday, June 26th – Boxer
  • Saturday, July 2nd – Chihuahuas
  • Sunday, July 3rd – Spaniels
  • Saturday, July 9th – Great Danes
  • Saturday, July 16th – Labs/Retrievers
  • Sunday, July 17th – Dachshunds
  • Saturday, July 23rd – Poodle mixes
  • Sunday, July 24th – Corgis
  • Saturday, July 30th – Greyhounds/Whippets
  • Sunday, July 31st – Pointers
  • Saturday, August 6th – Terriers
  • Sunday, August 7th – Weimaraner/Vizsla
  • Saturday, August 20th – Mixed Breeds
  • Sunday, August 21st – Pugs
  • Sunday, August 28th – St. Bernards
  • Saturday, September 3rd – Shiba Inus
  • Sunday, September 4th – French Bull Dogs
  • Saturday, September 10th – Bassets and Beagles
  • Sunday, September 11th – Shitzus

Hopefully, this year nothing will be canceled, and we’ll all stay safe spending a lot of time with our dogs. If I’m going … my dog’s going. She doesn’t know it any other way, yet.

Writer bio: Sherri Telenko has been a professional writer for decades and a travel writer for the last two. She’s a member of TMAC (Travel Media Association of Canada) and Dog Writers Association of America and travels almost weekly with her canine companion, Victoria. All written content is original, written by a person, and based on experience and research.

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