SuperZoo Super Toys: Dog Play Uber Important!

dog toy 3Toys, toys, toys … dogs can’t get enough. Or apparently, we can’t get enough. Toys dominated the ‘new product’ section of SuperZoo this year – or that’s what it looked like to me.

“Pets are happy,” says Susan Traub dog toy and clothing designer of Royal Animals. “I make happy toys. I’ve got a frisbee, a toy people can relate to, but this one’s covered with fur and squeaks. Fun and fabulous!”

Royal Animals, an independently-owned company started 11 years ago features eye-catching, colourful high-quality plush toys like smiling stuffed emojis and beer mugs. Who doesn’t want that ripped apart?

dog toy 1

SuperZoo 2018 is winding down today – follow me on twitter (@sherritelenko) to see the daily updates and cool pet products. SuperZoo is a HUGE annual pet industry trade show in Las Vegas. Featured is everything you’ll need – and didn’t know you’ll need – for fur babies of all varieties. Dog toys are big.

Durability is again a primary selling feature of pooch products – dogs are chewing them after all. Here’s the new offering from HERO pet: colourful easy-to-grip shapes with surface texture.

dog toy 2Does your dog love woodland creatures? Mine too. But I’d rather he didn’t chase the real things. Check out the new soft but textured like corduroy ‘Woodland Creature( series from dog toy maker foufou.

dog toy 4

If you’re an arcade fan, or your dog is, you’ll want this flashing noisy battery operated Archie Ball from Multipet (; it rolls around and hollers like a carny calling for customers – 20 different sounds in total.

dog toy 5

Want to see other products and enter a contest? Visit this previous post.

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