Yes, Victoria. There is a canine Santa Clause. (One dog’s holiday gift wish list)

Dog face with text 'Yes Victoria. There is a dog Santa Clause. One dog's holiday wish list letter to Santa

By Christmas, my puppy will be 15-months-old and although she’s hardly been good this year (you have to leave the dog park when I say so, Victoria), she’s still getting a lot more than coal in her stocking this year. Technically, 2021 is her second holiday season with me, but it’s the first she’ll be old enough to figure out she’s getting stuff too.

Here’s a list of our best gifts for dogs, including treats and toy companies, and the products that made into Victoria’s Letter-to-Santa:

Dear Santa,

I’ve been a very good puppy this year, passing all my end of puppy class training with honours then promptly forgetting everything the minute I walked out of the training building. (That’s what I was supposed to do, right?). I’m also very good at keeping my human mom at the dog park much longer than she thinks she needs to be, because extra exercise (and running after me) is good for her. So, Santa here’s what I’d like to see under the tree! Here are some best gifts for dogs like me:

1. Tall Tails Leather Tug Toys

First on my list more Tall Tails durable chews. Even though I have all my big dog teeth, I still chew chew chew every chance I get – but I’m slowly learning what I can and can not put my mouth on. (Side note: I think the new molding along the staircase looks much better rounded than neatly squared, but mom disagrees).

Tall Tails tug toys are made of a tough natural leather and can withstand a lot of tugging and teething. I also enjoy my Tall Tails crate bed in the back of the car while we travel, and my Tall Tails sherpa blankets comes in side with me, especially when I recently slept inside a train caboose (see here).

2. Indigo Dog Treat Puzzle

Second, Santa, I like to keep busy. So a dog treat puzzle from Indigo’s would keep me occupied this holiday season, at least until I noticed there was tasty food on the table. (Yes, I jump. It’s part of my Springer/cocker charm). This puzzle, however, is designed to stimulate my brain when my body can’t be, as I solve a puzzle to find treats. Hey, wait. I shouldn’t have to work for food! Anyway, Indigo is a Canadian company mom loves and this site is an affiliate or something. All I know is this puzzle better be filled with treats when I get my snout on it.

3. Dehydrated Dog Treats

Third, speaking of treats, I better get lots because I’ve been really good all year – good at chewing, good at pooping downstairs near the cats’ litter boxes, and good at pulling mom down the street on a leash (and she’s heavy!).

Santa, I love anything meat or fish that’s dehydrated and crunchy. This includes Murphy’s Treats dehydrated beef lung and beef liver – made in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and available at Bring Your Dog Café in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, where I love to go. Also, Jiminy Crickets (affiliate link) crunchy protein treats are on my list because bugs are good eats! And sustainable too.

Unfortunately, Drool Central, a mom and pup bakery located in Alaska, doesn’t yet ship to Canada, but does to the US. So, Santa I’ll have to pick these up next time mom and me visit this place call America that I have yet to see. But when I get there, I want a pack of Drool Central Bakery Fish Chips, dehydrated cod skins from fish caught outside the bakery doors, some Alaska salmon jerky, and some crunchy Salmon mini paws because I’ll need something to put in my iDig toy (which I hope I’m getting for sure!).

4. Dogs Dig it Dog Toy

blue and white round iDig dog toy by iFetch

Fourth, can you dig it? I sure can. I love to dig Santa. In fact, whenever mom fills in any of the seven holes I’ve dug in the backyard, I promptly dig them back out like the good little pup I am. Who doesn’t want more holes in the yard? Therefore, any toy that allows me to dig, dig, dig is on my must have list including the iDig from iFetch. It looks like a small inflatable swimming pool but it’s layers of fun for dogs like me to uncover hidden treasures.

There’s a sturdy plastic iDig version for home and roll up portable for taking to the cottage. (A cottage, by the way, is on mom’s wish list). Mom first saw the iDig toy at SuperZoo long before I was born, and back when she was allowed to travel outside the country (whatever that means).

And that Santa completes my Christmas wish list. As you can see, I’ve been a very good Sprocker all year – Or, more accurately, I’ve been very good at being a Sprocker!


Victoria, the Sprocker Spaniel

P.S. Santa, if you need help finding some of my stuff, here’s some links to help you out:

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