Celebrity Sightings! Flynn, Beatrice and Zeke oh my …

I met Flynn! Ok, you can have all the brush with celebrity people stories you like, but my thrill of a lifetime is meeting pet celebrities – and Flynn, Best in Show 2018 Westminster Dog Show winner, is up there.

Last February, in NYC, Flynn first won the non-sporting dog class at Westminster then jauntily won hearts prancing around the final ring with handler Bill McFadden for the big win: Best in Show. I recall screaming out loud while watching – World’s Cup’s got nothing on Westminster.

Yes, that Flynn, an adorable six-year-old male Bichon Frise who’ll steal your heart at first glance. Not only did I meet Flynn – I got to hold him for a photo and give him a snuggle. Would Clooney let you do that?

Flynn was a celebrity guest at SuperZoo 2018, an annual pet industry trade in Las Vegas.

But wait. There’s more! Flynn might have excited me senseless, but Beatrice and Zeke were there too.

beatriceFrench Bulldog Beatrice plays Stella on Modern Family since season four when she stepped up from understudy for the previous Stella, originally played by a French Bulldog named Brigitte, who like Beatrice was represented by Good Dog Animals owned by Hollywood animal trainer Guin Dill. Dogtrotting previously met Beatrice two years ago at SuperZoo 2016 at Mandalay Bay.

She is still charming and still appearing as Stella, best friend of fur daddy Jay Pritchett played by Married with Children alum Ed O’Neill.

holistic healthBeatrice was back this year, proudly sitting in her Modern Family director’s chair as a guest of Holistic Health Extension  (affiliate link) pet food and treats, attracting exhibition attendees to the booth. Sharing the spotlight was Zeke, an incredibly cute terrier who played Louie on This is Us – a TV show I admittedly have never watched.

zekeBut Zeke from This is Us sure is cute. (According to an internet search, Jack died saving Louie from a fire). Zeke also made an appearance on Modern Family – that episode I’ll have to look up – and several other familiar TV shows including Superstore. According to Dill, “Zeke is a high energy pup who absolutely loves working.” If the dogs aren’t having fun doing something, she told me earlier, we don’t have them do it.

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  8. Aww. That is great that you got to meet these celebrities. Glad you got to hold and cuddle with Flynn. He looks so soft and cuddly.

    1. I totally geeked out. I was so excited I accidently cut the line running up to him…

      1. Accidentally? 😉

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