Kitchener Ontario Pet Festival: Dog Lovers Days Indoor Fido Fun

What happens when snow and freezing rain keep you from getting to NYC to see the Westminster Dog Show?

You end up at the 3rd annual Dog Lovers Days at Bingemans Event Centre in Kitchener, Ontario.

Yes, another dog festival – only this time it’s about some indoor out-of-the-below-zero-temperature fun for excitable housebound pups of all sizes.

February 10 and 11, 2018 saw hundreds of fur families head to this campground’s conference centre to test their dog’s skill on a number of challenges: Agility Lure Course, Speed Lure Course (which my dog Victor trotted despite being a speed demon everywhere else), and an off-leash play area where Victor peed (sorry).

Add to the list an agility performance by Elite Canines and a weight-pulling opportunity sponsored by K9 Extreme Sports for those power dogs feeling their oats.

In other words, this event really was for the dogs.

If you miss shopping (and who doesn’t?), vendors filled a second conference room. But not the usual suspects: this vendor list was mostly local, including foufou Brands dog treats made in Kitchener, Ontario.

Crafted fleece blankets and pillows, dog formal wear from Ruff Stitched (who sponsored Saturday’s fashion show); painted pet portraits (both dog and cat) by Katie Favell and homemade pet treats from Spoil the Dog Bakery in St. Jacob made the highlights list.

Our best new find?

Canine Caricatures by Shannon Darch of Animates. Check out this one of Victor!

I visualized him ‘sitting’ for his portrait while we were at the event. But no, artist Shannon Darch took a photo with her iPhone – it is the 21st century, after all. I’m looking forward to Animates’ ‘paint your own dog’ event in March – stay tuned for a post about it, of course!

What else did Victor buy?

More Bacon Eh? treats from Simply Pets benefitting Don Cherry’s pet rescue foundation; Bullwrinkles bacon chews; and a Valentine peanut butter flavoured bone and doughnut treat from Spoil the Dog Bakery based in St. Jacobs, Ontario. Victor likes his snacks.

What did I buy? Victor’s portrait, of course. It’s being framed and might appear on a custom mug. Animates makes those too.

newyorkerLove Pet Caricatures? Checkout the New Yorker Pet Cartoon book on (affiliate link)


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  3. Sounds like fun. Had to laugh at your description of what Victor did. LOL I would love to try some agility events with Tippy, but it may be a little too late to get started. She is already almost 5! Doesn’t seem possible.

    1. I don’t know a lot about agility but 5 doesn’t seem old – maybe just mature enough to understand the concept. I took my little guy around a few courses when he was 10 – didn’t try to train him thought. It was just for fun. He likes tunnels.

      1. Tippy does not like the tunnels. I’ve tried those with her before, but it was when she was a lot younger.

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