DIY: Make your dog a fleece blanket … or win one instead! (contest)

Everyone needs a little unwind time and that includes the dog. But first, spend yours making the fleece blanket Fido can comfortably curl up in when he’s chilling out … or chasing the chills away, whatever works.

DIY Fleece dog blanket projectMy new obsession (next to adult colouring … post on that soon) is cutting and tying these cuddly fleece blankets in sizes for small, medium and large dogs, and of course cats. My Sally and Daisy love these, rolling on and chasing the ties, especially while I’m working on them.

You’ve likely seen them before. It’s an easy DIY project because it requires no sewing, only an eye for patterns and colours and a sharp pair of scissors.

Whip one up this Valentines Day while the fabric stores are full of heart fleece. A note of caution: you’ll not likely stop at one.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Approximately one metre of pet-print fabric (a yard is slightly less so the blanket will be smaller) if you want your blanket the same on both sides. OR one metre of print fabric and one metre of coordinating solid if you want the two sides different. (I prefer this because selecting coordinating fabrics is half the fun and the fringe looks good mixed).

In the second case, you’ll get two blankets out of the fabrics, but must buy a full metre because 1/2 a cut metre is too narrow – you’ll get a long rectangle instead of the two almost squares you need when you fold a full metre in half width-wise. (I made this mistake already).

Sharp fabric scissors

Thin cardboard– cut in one 5- by 5-inch square and one 3/4 inch by 5-inch rectangle (or cut both one inch smaller if you want shorter fringe)

Here’s what you’ll do:

blanket cardboard guideLay the fabric ‘good’ sides facing out and ‘bad’ sides together on a flat clean surface. Folding one metre of fabric in half and cutting it into two pieces works for me – but you can cut any size blanket you want depending on the size of your pet. Just remember, you’ll lose about four to five inches around the perimeter thanks to the fringe.

Place the cardboard square in each corner and cut a square out of both fabric layers. All four squares are equal sizes.

Use the narrower cardboard rectangle as a guide to cut equal width and length fringe along all four sides through both layers.

Knot the fringe on either side of all four corners to hold both pieces of fabric in place. Then tie knots in the fringe all the way around. One knot works but give it a slight tug.

Tada! You’ve got a fleece travelling blanket for the car seat, hotel beds or trailer bunks. Travelling with your pooch’s ‘blankie’ will bring the scent of home along for the ride.

Warning: your cats will lie across the fabric and swat the fringe as you’re tying. I worked around it … as usual.

catOther projects: Cat bed and blanket

For the kitties, I made two smaller blankets by cutting 1.3 meters of fabric into four squares (rather than two). Using two pieces of fleece, I completed a regular blanket but smaller.

Using the other two pieces, I tied three sides. Then I cut a 15- by 15-inch square of foam from a larger one-inch think foam piece. I left one side of the fleece untied, slid the foam between the layers of fleece and tied the remaining side closed.

Voila, a matching fleece foam bed and blanket set – feline sized.

CONTEST! Puppy fleece ‘receiving’ blanket, dog facial cleaner and bath wipes.

It’s an easy project, but if you don’t want to try it yourself …. enter to win

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  1. […] It was the base that initially tripped me up – where do you find a rubber foundation wide enough to wedge fleece strips through, but close enough together to make the process a bit challenging for the dog? I used a rubber sink liner I found in the dollar store, specifically a Better Crocker brand for $2.50. Then I gathered up the fleece squares left over from my obsession with making fleece dog blankets. […]

  2. […] Here’s a box of toys, chews, treats and a fleece dog blanket (I’m obsessed with making – check out how here). Approximate retail value: […]

  3. My wife makes the dogs biscuits and she makes their Halloween and Christmas costumes too. The dogs love being dressed up for the Holidays.

    1. That is very cool. I hadn’t thought of making Halloween dog treats.

  4. Yes, we love doing projects.

  5. […] WIN! A blue Bomber by Zeus from Hagen with L.E.D. flashing light AND a handmade fleece dog blanket, just for fun. (See how-to instructions here). […]

  6. Carolyn · · Reply

    What a cute idea. I have knit my dog a blanket & a few sweaters. But this looks easier.

  7. Courtney Stock · · Reply

    Yes I make toys for my pets and I made a sweater for my one dog.

    1. I would love to be able to knit sweaters – took an intro knitting class but then didn’t do anything else. It’s harder than it looks. (For me, anyway).

  8. I love this idea and am going to come back to it to try make one, thanks for this

    1. Good idea but … once you start you might not be able to stop. I think I’m up to 10 now.

  9. gonedogmad · · Reply

    Love this! What a great idea for a DIY dog bed. So easy anyone could do it!

    1. Yup. I recommend sharp scissors though….

  10. I have made some things for my dogs. Right now I have a huge stash of fleece I’m planning on making dog coats from – both for my own dogs, and for a rescue I work with. I sometimes just cut fleece into long strips and braid them together for dog toys. The dogs really love them! Oh, and I’ve made homemade dog biscuits. I need to make some more!

    1. I would love to find a coat pattern… that sounds like a good idea. I have a bunch of extra pieces of fleece left over and I might try and make toys too. Rescues are a good idea. I’m making more stuff than I need.

  11. Those fleece blankets look quite snuggly. At this point, my DIY for my dogs is limited to dog treats. They like having the variety of ingredients and it’s fun to watch them staring at me as I make them. This blanket, though, looks easy enough even for me to make!

    1. I love making dog snacks too… that’s my next obsession. This project is easy – if you can measure (kind of) and use scissors, you can do it.

  12. Sandy Weinstein · · Reply

    yes, signed up for emails. i do make things for my girls. i have never made a blanket, but made Halloween outfits, helmut for my oldest gal that had dementia and was blind and some other things. i am not getting a group of senior who knit to make dog blankets for the shelters. i have one of these kits but never make it. i used to make dog cookies, but i do cook for my girls.

    1. Wow. That’s a long list … the helmet sounds interesting and perhaps a solution for others too.

  13. Natalie Hartmann · · Reply

    I love to make things for my pets! Sometimes you have to but I would love to win!

    1. Thanks so much. It’s true. Sometimes you just have to DIY

  14. Blankets are the funist to make

    1. True. I’m obsessed…

  15. Do dog biscuits count. We make them for our dog and the shelter dogs.

    1. Sure. Why not? I’ve been experimenting with homemade dog treat recipes recently too.

  16. Daniel Scott · · Reply

    Do dog biscuits count? We make these for our dog and the shelter dogs.

    1. Yes, why not? I think you’re not the only one. I’m trying a lot of recipes too

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