Travel Toronto, Ontario: Winter Woofstock Lets the Dogs In!

santa dogIf you don’t understand why people dress their dogs in coats, sweaters, bows and fairy wings, then maybe Winter Woofstock isn’t for you.

(Ok, I could go either way on the fairy wings too). But not the jacket, sweater and bows…

Welcome to Winter Woofstock! (If it seems to come on the heels of Summer Woofstock, you’re right. Thanks to the PanAm Games in Toronto this summer, many events where uprooted).

(Summer 2016 was back to the regular schedule).

The weekend of November 21 and 22, 2015 saw the second installment of this twice-yearly Toronto, Ontario’s dog festival that claims to be North America’s largest consumer event for fans of all things Fido.pitbull blog

Tucked away in the corner of Exhibition Place along the city’s lake shore, location reviews were mixed. From the parking lot, I had a bit of a challenge finding it. “Woofstock?” one guy I asked, when I inquired if he knew where it was. “Well, there’s lots of dogs over there,” he pointed.

The next woman I stopped was walking a cockapoo in an elf suit, so I assumed if anyone knew, she would: “It’s through that plain door over there,” she said. There was one paper sign on the front.  “If you think it’s worth it,” she added. “It’s $12 to get in.” (Add that to the $14 Exhibition Place charges to park, and you’ve got a typically Toronto expensive day).

fashion showAlready, the vibe was a little different to that of the outdoor, fresh air, free event of the summer, with no help from today’s wet and chilly weather. My schnoodle, Victor, and I travelled here (not far, but it counts), so we headed inside.

We arrived early enough to get a gift bag, which almost makes up for the admission fee at this winter event, and the door person reminds me my ticket is good for two days. There are the usual  Woofstock stage presentations – talent competition, fashion show of vendors, and pet psychic Angel Morgan who we met earlier in the year (stay tuned for that post) –  though the cement floors (which Vic kept peeing on… “no pee pee inside” was my mantra for the day) echoed the sounds of constant dog barking.

Anyone here without a dog was a minority. Any dog without an outfit seemed naked.leafs dog

Food truck vendors, pics with Santa (which I forgot to go back and line up for), Dog Days obstacle course, a caricature artist in high demand and vendors, vendors, vendors were what the event was all about. There were few freebies from brand names like at summer Woofstock, but Victor did find one all-natural dog treat brand he actually likes called Crumps Natural made in Canada. (More on his all-natural treat taste testing soon).

In the meantime, I’m having Victor fitted for fairy wings.  I think a costume contest is in our future. Or should he be a pirate? He’s kind of badass. What do you think?

fashion show 2Don’t forget to get your free bag of Nutrience SubZERO™ pet food at PetSmart® in Canada on November 28, 2015.

Check out the details about the give-away and the Canadian-made and sourced freeze dried raw food here. 


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