Doberman in the forest

Dogs – few things tug at our heart strings more than a good dog story, yet most people don’t know how frequently canines are part of combat. Belgian Malinois are generally the military dog of choice followed by German Shepherds, a close second.

Yet what breed of dog graces “Always Faithful,” the first official war US dog memorial? A Doberman Pinscher. Dobermans served as sentries, messengers, cave explorers, mine detectors and scouts in the Pacific during War World II and many marines owe their lives to these dogs. Yet what breed of dog graces “Always Faithful,” the first official war US dog memorial?

dog image from colouring book

Everything they say is true. Colouring is relaxing, grounding and something to try and take my mind off losing my precious 16-year-old Victor three weeks ago. I was heart-breaking, as anyone who’s experienced this knows, and I’ve volleyed from knowing I did the best thing for him, to missing him each day to over-whelming regret.

black dog in colourful jacket walking along river text: dementia and loss

As with people, Canine Cognitive Dysfunction is an unpredictable degenerative disease with no cure. The rate of decline is also unknown, but the veterinary neurologist said dogs with dementia can live twelve to eighteen months, depending on behavior.

dog at upper canada village in front of barn

If you build it, they will come … and since 1961 they’ve come to Upper Canada Village to check out one of Canada’s largest living history museums, complete with horses and dogs. Well, the dogs visitors bring with them. (As travel options resume soon and seasonal sites prepare to open, we’re sharing one of our […]

beautiful black dog with orange bandana beside text: you took your dog where? 10 surprising dog-friendly activities

More things are dog-friendly than you might think. Or, if you’ve been taking your dog along for a while, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Dog yoga, dog amusement parks, movie nights, dog-friendly trains … are some surprises. Check out 10 dog-friendly activities we’ve found.

black dog in front of ottawa haunted walk office

The Haunted Walk of Ottawa, located along Sparks Street, offers several themed walks nightly from April to November (but October is clearly popular) including The Original Haunted Walk through the downtown core. Outdoors and dog-friendly … if your dog walks nicely on a leash.

cute small dog on ball with text: how to keep your dog entertained indoors and contest! win a boredom buster dog box

What to do with your dog indoors? Or outside while keeping your distance? My little pup – now about 16-years-old and dealing with dementia – has slowed down significantly. It feels like he went from turbo to turtle overnight … sadly, the clock is ticking. However, that’s not true for everyone. Many of us have […]

woman on mountain with dog promoting text: 5 Best dog-friendly parks canada sites in Ontario

Parks Canada announced last May 2020 the Phase 1 opening of Canadian National Parks and historic sites for day use only, until further notice. This includes parking lots, trails and greenspaces, and some boat launches and fishing, but no camping until possibly late-June. Outdoor areas around historic sites are opening, but heritage buildings remain closed. (These aren’t pet-friendly anyway).

smiling brown dog with text: dog-friendly cafe take out challenge

It’s about spending $100 in a local restaurant this week to bolster an industry hit hard by 2020 events. And if that restaurant is dog-friendly, all the better. Check out our challenge results…

dog and woman walking on bridge with text: virtual dog events

Watching the ‘cancellations’ add up on our Dog Events Pages and making Xs through dates in my calendar has me wondering if my dog Victor’s dog festival days are behind him – and me.

In the meantime, some events aren’t taking any risks and moving exclusively online – particularly fundraisers for non-profits often dependent on one big annual event.