6 Festive Treats: For all Dogs Naughty and Nice

Puppy Christmasdog Pet Animal Cute Dog Christmas‘Tis the season to spoil our dogs. Ok, every season we spoil our dogs, but when it comes time to wrapping stuff up in a bow, we can’t forget Fido, right? So, these dog treats I found at SuperZoo 2018, the Holy Grail of pet industry trade shows, are as much for people as they are for pets.

I’m not saying you should eat them – though it wouldn’t hurt you – I’m suggesting the packaging/concept appeal is as much for pet parents as the fur babies who’ll actually consume them. Ever wanted to share wine, beer, ice cream or even some Mac and Cheese with your tail-wagging buddy? Well, now you can. (affiliate links in blue)

What fun! Wrap up (then unwrap) these dog-themed items:

festive dog ice creamSmart Scoop Dog Ice Cream

What’s cake without ice cream? That’s what the folks at Puppy Cake thought – we first met them at BlogPaws launching their cake mixes for dogs. Now they’ve added Smart Scoops Dog ice cream made from goat’s mix. Simply add water, mix and freeze and you have a healthy dog dessert in pup panting flavours like pumpkin, carob, maple bacon and blueberry. Made in the USA with four ingredients: whole goat’s milk, pumpkin, gelatin and salt.

festive soup for dogsWet Noses Wag Soup

Bottle just like grandma used to make, these dog ‘soups’ from Wet Noses are made in the USA, certified organic, are wheat, corn, soy and dairy free. Pour into a bowl as a treat, or as a topper over dry food. Who can resist festive flavours such as Turkey & Pumpkin or Chicken and Rice? You provide the bowl; the spoon is optional.

festive dog wineApollo Peak Dog Beer and Wine

Crack open a cold one for yourself, and one for the dog. Not alcohol, of course (that’s toxic for dogs) but broth. Like Paws Beer we reviewed before (check it out), Apollo Peak Dog Beer is meat broth, this time chicken. Made with rocky mountain fresh water (yup) with added glucosamine, hemp seed oil and anise seed, for that extra ‘kick’ according to the company.

festive treats 2Green Coast Pet Apple Sauce

Sure, you could give your dog the same applesauce you give your kids, but what kind of pet parent would you be? These unsweetened applesauce treats from Green Coast Pets are designed specifically for dogs, and the 4 once single serving size makes it easy to travel we (dogtrotting.net loves that). Use as a toy filler, topper or treat. According to the company, apples are a good source of antioxidant, flavonoids and dietary fiber.

festive treats 1Old Mother Hubbard Festive Treats

These Old Mother Hubbard festive treats are the company’s regular P-nuttier crunchy cookie pet snacks repackaged into holiday themes so you can ‘gift’ your pouch the taste of peanut butter and molasses at Valentine’s Day (Bits of Love); Halloween (Creepy Crunchers) and Jingle Jangle (Christmas, of course). Available in 6-ounce bags at the appropriate times of the year.


Loving Pets Taste Buddies

Like the previous product, Loving Pets Taste Buddies are all about the packaging for people because dogs would eat any of these flavours individually or combined into one big back. But, what fun is it to give your dog ‘bacon and egg’ treats? Or Mac and Cheese? Or Hamburger and Fries? (My dog prefers the real thing). Or Peanut Butter and Jelly? Picture a box set of all four at Christmas.

Want to try your hand at making your own dog treats? It’s easy. Simply search ‘recipe’ on the ‘search this site’ bar or check out our Snowflake Oat and Peanut Butter dog snacks here. Now, get baking.


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  2. […] Our friends at Puppy Cake keep innovating the dog dessert mix space (sure, that’s a thing). First, they introduced the dog cake mix, then ice cream and now cookies. Wheat-free Holiday and shortbread flavoured mixes for dogs (affiliate link) complete with bone-shaped cookie cutter for maximum dog-parent gift giving thrills. Check our previously tested Puppy Cake products here. […]

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