He’s not heavy; He’s my dog – Take your Pup Along with K9 Sport Sack (review)

dog in K9 Sport Sack review on dogtrotting.netLuke and Layla, two little Shih Tzu crosses, are remarkably different personalities despite bonding together … at three different homes. Their original owner died, leaving them to his ex-wife who promptly advertised them online for adoption. (Be careful who you leave your pets to).

Both little white characters are now my nephews’ dogs adapting nicely to their new home.

Layla likes toys. Luke prefers treats.

Layla doesn’t like other dogs. Luke is remarkably friendly with everyone.

Layla loved being in the K9 Sport Sack AIR plus and could have stayed on my nephew’s shoulders all day. Luke, not so much.

Whether the K9 Sport Sack (affiliate link) is for you really depends on your pup, and how much you can carry. K9 Sport Sack – all models, and there are several new ones – have one thing in common: it’s the original forward-facing backpack dog carrier.

This is the second time I’m trying out the K9 Sport Sack. (I was sent one in exchange for an honest review). This time I’m trying the AIR plus model that has some additional features: detachable storage compartment, a lighter weight and additional mesh side panels for ventilation. It’s only a little different from the original K9 Sport Sack I first discovered at SuperZoo 2017.

The company has a great storycheck it out here. It also has one guiding principle: No Dog Left Behind. If you’re hiking, walking, cycling or even riding a motorcycle, K9 Sports Sack lets you take your dog along … if they are under 30 pounds.

My dog Victor is almost 30 pounds and I found him heavy to carry, but a little easier in the K9 Sports Sack AIR plus, which seems a little sturdier than the original. The custom Velcro name tag – part of the company’s new accessory line – is particularly charming.

The much lighter Layla pup, however, I could carry much longer.

Luke is almost the weight of Victor and my line-backer sized nephew had no problem carrying him. (He just had a problem being carried….)

In this case, size really matters – both the size of the dog being carried and the carrier (person and bag).

Layla is likely a Bichon/Shih Tzu cross and Luke is likely crossed with something a little bigger. (They are not from the same litter). Luke was the ideal size for the K9 Sport Sack in size large; Layla could have used one size smaller.

Sizes, even within breeds, differ significantly and that’s one reason K9 Sports Sack dedicates an entire page about measuring and sizing your dog properly.

If your dog is more than 30 pounds – the weight limit for the AIR model – the company’s introduced a FLEX model with adjustable straps for up to 50 pounds, assuming you have the strength.

Happy cycling, biking and hiking, especially if your furry buddy loves the wind in his ears and an elevated view. Layla sure did.

Interested in the K9 Sports Sack Canine Carrier?
Check it out here. (Amazon affiliate link)


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