Today is National Love Your Pet Day – February 20th


One thing I love about Americans is their holidays – or special days to commemorate. Someone, somewhere (or should I say some organization, somewhere) in the States is proclaiming a special day or month of awareness almost constantly, and frankly that’s fun (and good for editorial content).

National Pet Day

Guess what? Pets make the list too. In fact there’s a long list and today is on it: FEB 20th is National Love Your Pet Day according to our patriotic neighbours to the south. Clearly, every day is love your pet day, or in my house love, adore, spoil, kiss, cuddle and revere my pets: canine, feline and rabbit (whatever genus she is).

So bake another heart-shaped cake this month because today is the real day of love worth celebrating. Or celebrate with you dog by creating any of these cool festive dog treats.

For an exhaustive list of pet-themed days/months of celebration check out one of my favorite pet blogs: … similar in name to but different focus and purpose:

I’m particularly fond of Feb 22 – Walking the Dog Day. It’s coming up in two days and again, isn’t that every day?

That’s quickly followed by Feb 23 – International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day. (Otherwise known as ‘I-feel-guilty-I’m-leaving-you-to-go-to-work-so-here’s-a-treat’ day).

Monogrammed Cookies
Monogrammed Cookies

Mark the following Pet Days on your calendars (I did):

National Pet Day: April 11;

Take your Dog to Work Day: June 26 (could be interesting);

National Dog Day: Aug. 26;

And National Cat Day: Oct. 29.

Surely, there’s a National Horse Day. I’ll research that one.

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