The Future is Now: Four New Tech Pet Products You Need (Maybe)

tech picThe minute we invented smart phones, Aps and GPS, someone found a new use for those technologies. We don’t only use our phones to call people or take photos anymore – we can contact our kitties with them. We don’t just use GPS to find our way to Aunt Margaret’s new house – we’re using it to find lost dogs.

Anything tech is the trend in every industry and pets are no exception.

Enter the new world order … or at least a new world for Fido and Fluffy.

Here are my favourite tech innovations promoted at SuperZoo 2017 in July, an annual pet-industry trade show in Las Vegas. (Check out other products I found). Note: this is not a sponsored post.

SureFlap’s Surefeed Sealed Pet Bowl

Throw wet food out no more…. or at least not after a few hours. The Surefeed Pet Bowl from SureFlap (affiliate link) is designed for either dogs or cats. What looks like a pet dish on the Starship Enterprise, is actually a white plastic box and grey bowl with clear motion-activated lid that opens as the pet approaches, and closes when they walk away, sealing the remain food to keep it fresher longer.

How? No abracadabra. Battery operated, Surefeed detects movement similar to outdoor motion sensor lights, so it opens for any pet.

But if you need something that opens for a specific fur baby, there’s the SureFlap SureFeed Microchip (affiliate link) pet feeder. Similar to the first feeder in appearance – except for an added arch over the bowl – this dish opens for a specific animal only.

How? It reads either the identification technology already embedded in your pet’s microchip or uses RFID technology on a collar tag. Each pet needs their own feeder and can’t eat each other’s food.

Pub looking out window wearing Pawscout collar technologyPawscout The Smarter Pet Tag™

Pawscout is all about the Ap, community and smart phone technology … all trendy components of today’s Internet age with one addition: your pets and their whereabouts.

This collar tag isn’t based on GPS but on people downloading the Ap and creating ‘communities’ online. The bigger the community, the further your pet can be traced if he goes missing.

The Ap and tag, run by a watch battery and attached flat to the collar, helps people locate roaming pets on a live map, track walks (especially if using a dog walker) and find pet-friendly places using smartphones.

No monthly subscription fees and the standard tag starts at $20. The corresponding Ap is free at the App Store and Google Play.


Messy Mutts EVERFRESH®Pet Beds

Ok, not technically ‘tech’ in the conventional sense, but Messy Mutt’s Everfresh Probiotic Technology is definitely a cool innovation.

Stinky dog beds no more, according to Messy Mutts. The company’s patented EVERFRESH technology uses probiotic microbes embedded in the fabric of the dog beds that eats odor.

Yes, that’s right. Microbes.

According to the company, these microbes activate on contact with moisture and bacteria and consume them, lying dormant until needed for the life of the bed (unless the bed is frozen).  The company’s added the fabric to several dog bed styles from Studio Standard rectangular beds to Loft Standard with bolsters.

Pawbo pet monitor dogtrotting.netPawbo Theme Park

Just when you think I’ve seen it all, there’s Pawbo Theme Park. (affiliate link) This small dome-like device has many functions that you keep connected (via Ap on your smartphone, of course) to your pet all day long when you’re not at home.

Marketed as a three-in-one wireless interactive pet camera, Pawbo allows you do the following:

  •  see your pet with a 130-degree wide angle view
  • take photos (with a light flash) you can upload to social media
  • hear your pet and speak to them through a two-way audio feature
  • and activate a ring tone and dispense treats to get them to come to the device.

Plus you can add other Pawbo devices as the Pawbo Catch (affiliate link) – a ‘smart cat teaser’ that sends a ball or feathers in circular motions you control from an Ap. See, talk, treat and play. All remotely.

Does anyone work at work anymore?

Please check out these products via the affiliate links provided.

(If you click on a link above and then make a purchase, will receive a small commission with no extra cost to you. Cheers!)DOGtrotting_logo (small)


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  3. The Pawbo Theme Park seems really interesting. I’ve seen similar products but haven’t bought any yet.

    1. That product was from Japan, I believe and they were very excited about it.

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