Lucky Seven Clever Pet Products at SuperZoo 2017, Las Vegas

cover photo pet products newIt’s the most wonderful time of the year…. No, not Christmas but close. SuperZoo!

It’s SuperZoo time, a huge annual pet industry trade show in Las Vegas, where I went (sadly without my dog Victor) to be overwhelmed by both distractions in Sin City and the multitude of pet products, ideas, innovations and people who love their fury friends like family.

Colours, colours, colours caught the eye of my inner pet-stuff shopping addict. I couldn’t stop looking. Cool collars, pet beds, accessories, food, treats and yes, travel equipment lined hundreds of isles all here to hook retailers’ attention to get this stuff in front of consumers.

Here’s my first round of favourite new products coming to a retailer near you. If you don’t see what you love, don’t worry: there’s more tech, home décor and just plain pet cool coming soon:

shed defender 2

Shed Defender

“He’s remarkably calm wearing his Shed Defender,” says Casey Walters of the eight-month-old terrier modelling Shed Defender (affiliate link). Reducing anxiety is the added benefit of this product that looks like doggie long johns covering Fido from neck to ankle.

Walters originally invented Shed Defender for his St. Bernard, Harley, who shed thick blankets in the car. Now, thanks to Shed Defender, road trips are fur free.

This doggie onesie also substitutes for the cone of shame covering hotspots and surgical sites while healing. If you don’t mind questions, or questionable glances, don your dog in a Shed Defender and take him to events where stray pet hair or dander might be an allergy issue.

Available in eight colours and nine sizes ranging from mini to giant, it’s breathable and yes, there’s zip for potty breaks too.

Vic in sweater

The Big LeBarkski

The 1998 cult classic Coen Brothers film, The Big Lebowski, still has legs or at least pet product marketing cred. Carolina Pet Company, licensed to carry Pendleton pet products, has introduced something film-buff dog-lovers likely can’t resist: The Big LeBarkski – also called The Pendleton Pet Westerly – Sweater. (affiliate link). It’s a dog sweater similar to the Pendleton worn by Jeff Bridges’ down and out movie character.

Available in five sizes from extra small to large and ranging in price from $34.99 to 59.99 (US), the doggie Westerly is a conversation piece. You might want to re-familiarize yourself with the film too. (affiliate link).

Add the Carolina Pet Company Pendleton bowling ball and pin stuffed toys to the package and your four-legged dude rolls a strike.


Bella & Beau Charms

This product falls directly into the stuff-I-want-more-than-my-pet-needs category, but who cares?

I cooed over Bella & Beau charm bracelets and collars like I’d never seen jewelry before. Forget Pandora, now you and your dog have matching accessories. Leather dog collars have detachable silver chains perfect for adding as many Bella & Beau charms as you’d like, then buy matching ones for your own bracelet.

The company launched early this year after owner Jim Broshat got the idea he’d like something that reminded him when his dog’s birthday was. Somehow, that led to manufacturing a series of dog-focused charms. Soon they’ll be in stores across the U.S., so you can pick one up at different place each time you travel with Fido.

Until then, you’ll have to order on line at Bella & Beau. (Use discount code ‘superzoo’ at checkout to get a free leather bracelet with any charm purchase).

Whimzee Brushzees

Try saying this ten times fast: Whimzee Brushzees™. By the time you’re done, your dog will likely be done too – chewing it.

Brushzees is the latest product from the company known for dog dental care. Apparently, these new chews are redesigned with grooves and ridges to remove plaque – like other Whimzee products – but with one added benefit: the shaped makes it easy for dogs to grip and chew.

That’s right. There’s a ‘pawfect paw pad’ on these Whimzees designed for thumbless dog paws. So if your pooch is done with her Whimzee hedgehog (affiliate link), give her a Brushzees to shake it up, while keeping teeth clean and doggie breath at bay.

preston in bed

Pooch Planet Beds

Preston from gets cozy in a Pooch Planet dog bed (affiliate link) and understandably so. These therapeutic beds lined with memory foam might be the softest, most supportive dog beds I’ve found yet.

A product falls under the WorldWise Inc. umbrella. The company works with mattress manufactures to recover unused pieces of foam for the bottom and thick reclaimed soy foam stuffing for the bolsters, which retain shape for a long time, according to WorldWise Inc. product manager, Anne Wong.

The orthopedic human-grade quality of this foam makes it ideal for elderly pups, like my 12-year-old terrier Victor. Plus, there’s a crate liner line perfect for travel or as a bed on its own while road tripping.

goDog Sugar Skullz

I know, my dog will play with any stuffed toy no matter what shape or colour, but the brighter the better to attract my attention. So, you got to love these trendy tattoo art dog toys, Sugar Skullz from WorldWise Inc.’s new dog toy line goDog®. Get these skulls with or without rope in colours like neon pink, green and blue.

A selling feature: the company’s  Chew Guard Technology™ guarantees longer play time and less destruction. To prove it, there’s a one-time replacement option if your dog tears through them faster than you’d like.


Loving Pets Le Bol

Ok, these are pet dishes and yes, you can have too many but that doesn’t stop me. (Doesn’t stop me from buying people dishes, either). I love these colorful Le Bols from Loving Pets (affiliate link) because they look like pottery but are actually stainless steel.

Therefore, they don’t break and are practical, cleaner and safer than plastic. Rubber on the bottom provides a floor grip and the décor-friendly colours don’t look out of place in contemporary kitchens. No surprise, this company brought us the Bella Bowl (affiliate link), one of the best-selling dog bowls of all time. Don’t worry Bella Bowls are still available, in even more graphic prints.

Check out the links to these products and let us know what you think in the comments below.
Stay tuned for more cool pet products and contests.


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  10. I have to try out those Whimzee Brushzees for my dog.

    1. Love the Hedgehogs too.

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  12. The shed defender would come in so very handy for long-haired dogs! We’ve actually wondered about one of these before putting on our pups winter jacket for his walks – mainly to keep the snow from building up on his under fur! I’m happy to see it made the list!

    1. It looks odd but there appears to be a number of uses for it.

  13. I wanted to go to Super Zoo, but it wasn’t in the cards this year. I’ve attended Global Pet Expo and am constantly amazed by the products available. My favorite product you shared was the Bella & Beau charm bracelets and collars. If my girls wore collars, they’d have one of those.

  14. tenaciouslittleterrier · · Reply

    I need to make it to Superzoo sometime! I like that sweater although that is the one color Mr. N really can’t wear. It blends right in with his fur.

    1. SuperZoo is worth going especially if you want to write product reviews. The one colour I don’t put on my dog is black – unless I don’t want it to be seen.

  15. Great looking products! Superzoo sounds like it is so exciting! I hope I get the chance to go in the next year or two.

    1. I recommend it. Good way to find new product and brands. I particularly like meeting individual start ups – inspiring.

  16. Dolly the Doxie · · Reply

    I’ve been to Global Pet Expo twice and not Superzoo for sure next time! I’ve worked with Worldwise before but have never done affiliate links for them and would be interested in doing it. In fact I’ve been promised those skull toys and have yet to get them!

    1. All my links go to Amazon. I’m supposed to get skullz too. Wait and see I guess. But when I do, I’m working on a post about durable toys. Up soon.

  17. These are such great products! I’m determined to make it to Super Zoo to experience all fo the great products myself.

    1. If you can get there easily, I recommend it. Plus Vegas is fun too.

  18. I love the Bella & Beau Charms collars! They look like a beautiful sophisticated jewelry, any dog would look so stylish with that around their neck 🙂

    1. I agree. My Victor doesn’t have any ‘formal’ wear. I think it’s time.

  19. hpwallace · · Reply

    It looks like SuperZoo was a super success! I wish I could’ve gone, but summer is extremely busy. These sound like some innovative pet products.

    1. It’s overwhelming but a good indication of pet industry trends. There is some horse stuff there too, but not a lot.

  20. I find the shed defender interesting. Not because I care about a bit (or a lot) of fur but I wonder whether I could use this for bug protection.

    1. That’s an interesting idea. My poor dog is being swarmed by bugs in our backyard and I’m trying different products on him. I might add this to the list.

  21. Hmmmm…. Those long John things … Wondering if they would work well when we hit those -40 days as an extra layer….or when there is a bit too much of a breeze on the sailboat. I do like the sugar skulls!

    1. Interesting idea. I once put a ‘long john’ style halloween custom on my dog under his coat one very cold winter trip. His black and white striped legs looked cute, but there wasn’t a good poop hole. … you can imagine the rest. The custom didn’t make it home with us.

  22. Love these products, so stylish! The Goldens are big fans of Whimzees, can’t wait to try the Brushees, they need all the help they can get in the dental department! lol Looking forward to see more cool products from the zoo! 🙂

    1. The Brushees are a bit bigger and more substantial so I think they’d work with labs. I’m hoping to do a give away soon!

  23. These products are BEYOND stylish!!!!! How fabulous to offer such a great selection for fur babies everywhere!!!! The shed defender is my personal favourite – Pup Long Johns! hahahahaha

    1. I’m going to try the Shed Defender on my dog – even though he doesn’t shed – just to see how he does. I can see it as being a solution to taking your dog somewhere where someone might use that excuse not to bring him….

  24. I’m trying to find a stylish drinking bowl for sloppy drinkers. Did they have any of those? Most of the ones I have seen are pretty ugly.

    1. Hopefully, I’m reviewing that product soon. One of the ones I like at the show is from Kurgo:
      A splash free water bowl. Not sure yet how well it works.

      1. That one looks like it is more to keep the water from sloshing out while moving – like in a car. I don’t think it would keep a sloppy drinker from being sloppy. More water ends up in the floor than in Tippy’s mouth, when she drinks.

        1. There’s another one by Ruffwear that’s shaped like a pear – but I think that’s a no spill. Victor has a lab friend who drinks like Tippy. The problem is she sticks her face in then lifts her face dripping across the floor. I’m not sure there’s a solution to that one other than wiping her mouth quickly. Actually, Soggy Doggy has a ‘slobber wand’ – there’s Soggy Doggy fabric on the end of a handle for dogs with dropping (droolly) lips.

          1. Hahaha. Not only does Tippy splatter more water in the floor than she gets in her mouth, she also drips it all the way to her next resting place. I have seen some that might work, but they aren’t very pretty…not that the wide Tupperware container I am using now is a sight to behold or anything. LOL

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