Vineland, ON: Get Your Paws Muddy for a Cause … and Wine


Muddy Paws dog and wine festivalPrime Minister Justin Trudeau made an appearance at Muddy Paws winery festival for dogs.

Ok, no he didn’t. But his dog cookie likeness did, June 8 and 9, 2017.

Trudeau’s image in the shape of an all-natural wheat-free treat is the latest from Spoil the Dog Bakery based in St. Jacobs, Ontario. It looks as good as he does. (Don’t worry American friends, likenesses of Trump are on the way. Chomp on that).

Spoil the Dog Bakery was one of about 20 vendors at the two-day annual Muddy Paws event sponsored by Boreal Pet Food. Muddy Paws is a joint venture between Featherstone Estate Winery and Vineland Estates Winery, both in Vineland, Ontario, Canada.

Vineland is the northern edge of Niagara’s extensive wine region extending into Niagara-on-the-Lake to the U.S. border.

A fundraiser for National Service Dogs, Muddy Paws is immensely popular among wine and dog lovers, selling out each year, because where else can you enjoy a glass of wine, live music, wood-oven baked dog bone shaped treats (for people) and  round ones (for dogs)?

You can pre-book with photographer Karen Black of Indigo Pet Photography for canine ‘barrel’ shots in the Featherstone wine cellar. We missed it. Next year.

Get your paws actually muddy during the best part of the day: walking the Bruce Trail along a rugged forest path connecting both wineries. It takes about 20 minutes with no dog, and four times as long with a terrier like my Victor who must smell every log, leaf and blade of grass.

Victor did ok. I had to pull him a bit through the forest or we’d still be there today – leashes were mandatory, and he wore his Kurgo harness (affiliate link) to make it easier. The day was hot and crowds compacted at the second winery, Vineland Estates, lined with vendors.

Victor did score a new Star Wars-themed bandana – his second from Spoil the Dog – and a taste of political greatness made from chickpea flower, oats and peanut butter.

The rose, pinot noir and chardonnay he left for me.

Next Muddy Paws: July 2018.


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  6. This sounds like such a great event! I wish we had more things around here that involved dogs. There are very few events, and places, where they are welcome. Even then, you get the occasional mean stare from people. I think part of it has to do with living in a farming community and people still consider dogs to be “farm animals” with a job to do.

    1. I live in a quasi rural area too and have noticed a difference in attitude toward dogs. I proposed at a town hall meeting that the town use some vacant land as a dog park and people laughed. We are the only county in the area that doesn’t have a leash free dog park. The nearest actual city to us has four. I guess people thought everyone just lets their dogs run on the farm…. not the same in a town house.

      1. How rude to laugh at you. They are actually trying to get a dog park in our little town. If run effectively, I think it will be good. We’ll see.

  7. This sounds like a wonderful event for both dogs and their humans. Even though I don’t like wine, I’d enjoy and event like this.

    1. Not like wine? Rarely have I heard those words uttered. But there was mineral water…not much else though.

  8. Cool event! Those cookies look pretty good. I’m taking Mr. N to a winery soon… no wine barrel pics though.

    1. He would be pretty cute sitting on those barrels…

  9. The Contemporary Pet · · Reply

    This entire post had me wishing I was Canadian, right down to the cookies that looked like your PM. And combining dogs and wine? Y’all are brilliant!

    1. Thanks. And I think you mean brilliant, eh?

  10. Too bad that Cookie getting herself muddy all the time doesn’t count for anything. She’d have saved the world by now I’m always happy to see a great event for a good cause.

    1. True. It was just another day for the dogs … Only their people were a little more happier than usual.

  11. hpwallace · · Reply

    Please no President Trump cookies- I can’t take him anymore….although I would love to see my boys bite his head off. Looks like a fun day and I’m so glad that Victor did well!

    1. Thanks … Yup. That’s the idea.

  12. Ooh I love this post, I almost felt like I was there enjoyng the sunshine, pups and the weather (and the wine!!!)

    Good going snagging a bandana with my fave movie on, AND nomming the Candaian premiere *g*

  13. OOh I did enjoy this. I almost felt I was there with you (shame I can’t take a sip of wine too!).

    Cool you got a bandana AND you got to eat Canada’s top guy 😉

    1. Almost too cute to eat… almost.

  14. Thanks so much for the humorous review Sherri.It certainly was a FUN event! Rachelle @Spoil The Dog Bakery

    1. Thanks! Looking forward to the Trump cookies.

  15. What a fantastic event! If it were closer I definitely would have attended.

    1. The whole region is worth a wine tour visit. I have aspirations to write a Dog-friendly Niagara Winery Guide.

  16. What a fantastic event this must have been! I’m so jealous, I wish it was closer. The cookies crack me up, but please ask them not to make one of Trump, we see enough of his mug already, LOL!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    1. Well, that might be true … but if it’s a dog cookie, you might not see it for long!

  17. This sounds like such an awesome event! Wine and dogs are a killer combination, and even better for a great cause. 🙂

    1. It’s a really fun idea – the forested walk between the wineries give the dogs ‘something to do’ though you have to finish you wine before you hike … then get more.

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