Happy Canada Day 150! Festival Pets Rock.

Dog at Caledonia Canada Day 150 Festival

If you haven’t heard it’s Canada’s 150th Anniversary, you haven’t been anywhere near Canada this year. 

It’s everywhere. You can’t avoid it. One hundred and fifty years ago the Confederation document was signed declaring Canada’s nationhood.

So July 1, 2017 – Canada Day is a big deal.

I had big plans to take my terrier Victor to three different cities to experience three different Canada Day Celebrations … but it was hot and threatening to rain so we ended up at one in Caledonia, Ontario – our home town.

Canada Day is a big deal in this town every year (see last year’s festival coverage). This year, 2017, the festival was moved to the fair grounds and the usual vendors, food trucks, inflatable bouncy castles showed up, as did most of the town after the parade ended.

What’s the highlight of the Canada Day small town festival? Animals – of course.

Again this year, local trail riding operator Big Creek Stables (see our review on horsetrotting.net) was there with horses available for pony rides:

Horse at Caledonia Canada Day 150 Festival

Also, posing for photos was Canada’s national animal – the potbellied pig:

Pig at Caledonia Canada Day 150 Festival

I’m kidding. Clearly, the potbellied pig is not Canada’s national animal … though I’d vote for the idea if it came up. Our national animal is donkey, also at the festival:

Donkey at Caledonia Canada Day 150 Festival

Ok, our national animal not the donkey either. But the only beavers you were likely to find here were the wild ones living along the banks of the Grand River that runs through this town, right next to the Caledonia Fair Grounds.

Ultimately, this is a beautiful land.

Happy Canada Day 150! True North Strong and Free. 


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