Day 7: On The Red Roof Road Trip with the Dog we find a Pup Cup in Virginia

Apparently, in Roanoke, Virginia there’s a giant illuminated star on a hill. According to Victor at Red Roof in Troutsvillebrochures, it’s the city’s primary tourist attraction.

We didn’t find it.

We also didn’t find a decent dog-walking trail, though we did find a rail trail in a nearby town. To be honest, it wasn’t interesting enough to write about.

Here’s what we did find:

First, in Troutsville, VA (outside of Roanoke) we stayed at one of my favourite Red Roof Inns in a converted hotel where the housekeeping staff stopped us in the hallway to fuss over Victor, my black schnoodle and brave travel companion on this nine-day journey.

Second, we found a ‘pup cup’ with a bone-shaped dog biscuit on top. That was kind of cool – or literally very cool – and a clever dog-friendly find.Bruster's sudae and pup cup

Bruster’s Real Ice Cream is iconic in the area. So is the old-school freestanding walk-up ice cream stand in the middle of an asphalt parking lot along Williamson Road, about a 10-minute drive from Troutville’s Red Roof Inn.

Mosey up to Bruster’s window – especially on a scorching summer day – and order any of the dozens of sundae combinations with your choice of handmade premium ice cream flavours, all made from locally sourced dairy products. I selected a turtle caramel sundae with Butter Pecan ice cream for me (though it came made with vanilla). It almost immediately melted in the 30C degree plus heat.

My dog Victor got a ‘pup cup’ – one scoop of vanilla ice cream with a dog biscuit on top. He didn’t eat the cookie (he’s been very fussy). But he did finish the ice cream in the seating area outside the building – the only seating area. Fortunately, there’s a drinking fountain.

Once in a blue moon, an ice cream treat is just what the sun doctor ordered, and despite the unholy amount of calories I consumed (and dairy products Vic ate), I felt good about the choice.

We didn’t find the guiding light above Roanoke, but we did find Bruster’s Real Ice Cream Pup Cup, and that might have been even better.Bruster

Next up: Dog-friendly  Amusement Park in Pennsylvania

Thanks to Red Roof Inn, where pets stay at no charge, for providing accommodations during our journey. (click on Red Roof Inn and use VIP code 621277 and save 15% until the end of September 2016.) 

Miss our previous adventures?  Start the journey in Ohio.

Know of anywhere else in Virginia that’s dog friendly? Let us know in the comments below.


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  2. Great Blog as usual. Love the Pup Cup concept. Nice to see this is growing trend, accommodating our travelling fury friends. And Thank You Red Roof for being pet friendly. Makes travelling plans a little easier. 🙂

    1. Thanks. I was scouting for anything ‘dog friendly’ and had to eat ice cream as part of the research.

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