At Home Dog Grooming: Neakasa P1 Pro Grooming Kit Review

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It’s that time of year again: Spring, also known as shed season. And with three cats and one spaniel running around, fluff the size of tumbleweeds float through my home on a daily basis. Can you vacuum your pets? No, don’t try it. The noise alone will make them crazy and the suction too much. But you can do your own at home dog grooming.

Can you really groom your dog at home? You bet, by using the Neakasa P1 Pro Pet Grooming Kit. And it works. Or at least it worked for me, so far. After watching a demonstration at SuperZoo last year, I was sent a Neakasa Pro Pet Grooming Kit (#sponsored) in exchange for an honest review, and here it is. The demonstration at SuperZoo made grooming look easy, and the best part is all the fur is sucked into a container, easily removed and disposed of just like a vacuum, which it is.

Note: The Neakasa was originally called the Neobot and has rebranded in name. The model I tested sported the original Neobot label.

vacuum for pet hair

Neakasa Grooming Kit for at Home Dog Grooming

First, the Neakasa Pro Pet Grooming Kit is a vacuum, but a very quiet one. There’s a capsule-shaped container with a hose, and several attachments designed for different purposes – all related to fur. Pet fur.

  • Two tools clean fur and dirt from your pet or your furniture. Another tool detangles fur – which my feathered spaniel needs – just like a wire brush.
  • Another tool like a comb or rake de-sheds. Finally, the adjustable clipping comb can trim hair to different lengths (6, 12, 18, and 24mm). Using the clippers for hair cuts is what I’m most nervous doing myself.

Second, the Neakasa P1 Pro Pet Grooming Kit is compact, sturdy, and frankly affordable – considering the average professional groom is $80 per visit. After trying the Neakasa, I wouldn’t suggest it can replace the professional groom (though inventors suggest it can), but it can definitely reduce the number of groomer visits required, especially if matting fur is an issue.

Unboxing the Neakasa P1 Pro Pet Grooming Kit

Unboxing – that’s trendy, so I’ll start there. The box was well packed, and I first thought assembly was required (which I’m not good at). But no. No assembly required. Just carefully take the canister with hose out of the box (two filters including a HEPA filter are already installed in the machine). Each attachment is pushed on and pulled off the end of the hose (no release button).

Note that each attachment is individually wrapped in plastic – remove the plastic carefully so you don’t lose any pieces including clear plastic covers to protect certain tools.

Essentially, all you have to do is take the Neakasa out of the box, organize the attachments, then plug in the machine. However, getting your dog on board with the at home dog grooming project is a little harder.

Tips for Using the Neakasa Grooming Kit on Your Dog

I started with a washed and thorough dried spaniel (only use the Neakasa on dry animals). My dog is half Cocker Spaniel and half Springer Spaniel and all energy. Feathery legs, tummy, and ears are beautiful (or can be), but they’re also burr, mat, and tangle magnets. Combing her out is a chore. Also, spaniels shed. A lot. So, the first two tools I used where the wire brush to prevent tangles and the de-shedding tool to removed some soft underlayer of fur.

The Neakasa claims to capture 99% of fur in the canister thus keeping some of it off my floors.

However, as I suspected, the vacuum sound was a hurdle. My dog didn’t freak out and bark like she does the minute I turn on the floor vacuum, but the humming did make her nervous. I’d suggest the following:

  1. Let your dog sniff all the tools before you plug anything it.
  2. Groom your dog with the tools before you turn on the machine to let them get used to the feeling.
  3. Don’t push the tools on the skin or pull through the fur in long strokes. Instead, use short strokes and a light touch.
  4. My dog actually liked the de-shed comb and rolled over twice allowing me to do her tummy and under legs – prime areas for matting.
  5. Once my dog was used to the feeling of the brushes, I was able to turn the machine on BUT I had to hold her using a leash and provide a lot of high-value treats. Desire for chicken won out over a fear of the vacuum sound.

The Result of my First at Home Dog Groom?

The brush tool made the biggest difference visually on my spaniel – her fur was immediately fluffier and less tangled. The de-shedding noticeably removed extra fur, judging by the build up in the canister. Both tools were easy to clean with a push of a button.

Close up of orange cat's head and front paws

Then I glanced at my orange cat, and in a moment that volleyed between reviewer curiosity and death wish, ran the de-shedding tool across his back. He immediately ran off – even with treats acclimatizing my cat to this machine would take more time and patience than I had at that moment. However, the amount of orange fur that combed off in one light touch swoop was astounding.

We’ll see if my cat eventually allows me to de-shed him this spring.

In the meantime, my spaniel was looking groomed and fluffy. I haven’t had the courage to use the clippers to remove matts, though that is exactly the reason I wanted this tool. To do this, I’ll want my dog to become more comfortable with the sound of this machine.

Overall, however, the Neakasa P1 Pro Grooming Kit exceeded my expectations.

Groom, but Don’t Clip, Spaniels

black and white dog with ears flying jumping over white pole

A final note about spaniels which is important at home and at professional groomers: don’t use clippers on the leg feathers and ears. Yes, you can trim this fur but use scissors – or the professional groomer should use scissors.

Clipping or shaving the ears and leg feathers might cause them to grow back fuzzy and full rather than silky and hair-like.

The Neakasa of the Future

According to the company, the Neakasa P1 Professional Grooming Kit (originally the Neobot P1 Pro Grooming Kit) started as an idea supported by a successful kick-starter campaign. This led to the launch of the first version of this home pet grooming kit, which I’ve reviewed here.

However, in recent months, the company has launched a new modified version of their home pet grooming product called the Neakasa P2 Pro Dog Grooming Kit – this one with an upright canister. (affiliate link)

vacuum for pet hair

I’m Sherri Telenko, a professional writer for 30 years and travel writer for the last 20. I’m a member of TMAC (Travel Media Association of Canada) and Dog Writers Association of America. I’ve lived with cats, dogs, horses and guinea pigs all my life, and I travel almost weekly with my canine companion, Victoria.


  1. Sandy Weinstein · · Reply

    Sounds like a nice grooming set up for dogs that shed and have long hair.

    1. This would work well with long fur… even on cats, if they’d sit still.

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