Dog Grooming: Get the tools. Eazee Brush Review

dog camping bathGetting a dog grooming appointment is surprisingly difficult.

Or so I discovered seven years ago when I suddenly adopted a non-shedding dog that required regular grooming. Professional grooming.

Sometimes, that’s easier said than done especially if, like me, you don’t plan six weeks ahead: “No appointment available tomorrow? The next day? Not until next week?” I picture my dog looking like a giant black Chia Pet.

So how do you get in ‘good’ with a groomer? How can you become that ‘good’ client they’re willing to add to the day’s list of appointments at a moment’s notice?

“Brush your pet regularly,” a dog-groomer I met at SuperZoo trade show several years ago said to me. “Actually do it, don’t just say you do it. We can tell.” Apparently, brushing out matts, especially underneath, makes the groomer’s job easier.

Ok, brush my dog regularly it is. If only I had the tools.

eazee grooming brushEnter Eazee brush by Folee, (affiliate link) a gift in exchange for an honest review, who demonstrated their products as SuperZoo 2018. The easy to hold handle has a side clip you squeeze to release the brush and change it out for a comb. In other words, buy one durable handle, then add the grooming accessories you need.

I needed the brush most – the soft flexible ‘bristles’ allow me to brush my pup gently and quickly (I’m usually chasing him after a bath). Any fur on the brush comes off easily. Comb attachments have a button the pushes out fur accumulating in the teeth – two different sized combs come with each package.

Benefits of the Eazee Brush:
  • Easy to grip handle, in either hand
  • Non-static plastic means fur doesn’t stick to the comb or brush
  • Flexible rubber bristles add massaging benefits
  • No metal teeth; only smooth plastic
  • Does not pull the dog’s live hair, only dead hair (however, since my dog does not shed, I couldn’t effectively test this feature)
  • Detachable handle makes the tool easier to store, and it’s easy to change the brushes and combs (Who doesn’t love collecting accessories?)
  • Choice of five colours (This is purely aesthetic, but I love green)

Honestly, Eazee brush has become my go-to tool when I must smooth out my canine’s coat, wet or dry.

dog in self bath during fundraiserWhat else will keep your groomer happy – And you in the ‘good’ appointment books?
  • Keep your appointments. I once got a walk-in spot because groomer just got off the phone rolling her eyes: “my next appointment is at the cottage right now,” she said, “and isn’t coming in.”
  • Brush your dog while he’s standing, not lying down, because he’ll be standing at the groomers.
  • Better to do several short brushing sessions that keep the experience positive, rather than longer stressful ones.
  • Brush underneath the dog, especially in the ‘arm pits’ where mats accumulate.
  • If you bath at home, brush BEFORE the bath too to shake out a lot dirt and release mats.

Do we take the Eazee Brush with us travelling? You bet. The detachable brush compacts easily.

Find Eazee Brush here (US) or Eazee Brush here (Canada).  (affiliate links)

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  1. […] I haven’t had the courage to use the clippers to remove matts, though that is exactly the reason I wanted this tool. To do this, I’ll want my dog to become more comfortable with the sound of this […]

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