Dog Water Bottles & More: 5 Products Making Pet Hydration On-the-Go Easier

Poster promoting travel dog gear including dog water bottles and more

Here’s a mistake I make a lot while travelling: I forget to bring any dog water bottles for my high energy pup. On a road trip, pet hydration is particularly important. And she usually asks for water after a vigorous off-leash run, even when we’re just stopping at a run along the highway.

I end up running into the store to buy water in bottles then pour it into a bowl. Then pour what she doesn’t drink out the car window.

There is, of course, a better way to keep your pet hydrated.

I discovered several better ways – five specifically – at SuperZoo 2022 because portable dog water in various forms and containers were featured in the New Product Showcase. That’s right – there’s more than one innovative dog-walking (or traveling) water container hitting the pet product market this year.

All of these products have been checked out by the reviewer.

1. ASOBU: Twist on the Portable Dog Water Bottle

Four ASOBU style stainless steel dog water bottles in various colours

ASOBU® is a company specializing in drink carriers – portable products to lug around beer and wine, coffee and tea, and yes, water. For people. Add a water bowl, and you’ve got bottles for pet parents. It’s a clever design, actually.

ASOBU offers three types of pet water bottles (affiliate link): a lightweight BPA-free with side handle, a similar stainless-steel version with added paw print embossing, and a jug version with handle on the top and top pour.

The clever part that makes them pet-friendly is simple – each has either a silicone or metal bowl that fits snuggly on the bottom of the bottle or jug. And if you happen to lose the bowl, but not the bottle, the company sells replacement bowls on its website. Both you and your pup can drink from the same bottle.

2. Ubbi: Bright and Cheery Dog Water Bottles

Two narrow sleek plastic dog water bottles on in orange and one in yellow

Sleek and bold colors from Ubbi, these fashion forward dog water bottles function like the versions above, with a design twist. A loop lid makes these bottles easy to carry. A bright plastic exterior covers double-walled stainless steel insulated interior to keep water cool. A twist off bottom becomes a dog bowl, so once again both you and the dog can drink from the same bottle.

3. Springer Pets: Squeeze Bottle with Bowl

Springer Pets was bold enough to showcase three styles of dog water bottles (affiliate link), each with the same practical innovation: squeeze the bottle from the middle and fill the cone-shaped bowl on top. Let your dog drink and don’t waste a drop. As you release your grip, excess water drains back into the bottle. The benefit is, no need to dump water to keep travelling. The drawback is, you’ll need to carry a water bottle of your own.

The Springer Pets team own pup was both the star of their TV appearance, and a well-trained spokes-dog demonstrating the product early. Three styles and sizes – classic, mini, and growler – clip to you belt with a carabiner and range in price slightly.

4. Spleach: Dog Water Bottle Leash Handle

Spleash leash a brand name of leash handle that holds water for the dog

Spleash® from TailChaser® isn’t a leash and it isn’t a dog water bottle. Spleash® is a waterfilled handle that attaches to your dog leash which you fill with water – for two reasons. First, a scoop-like cup snaps down from the leash handle and fills with water allowing you dog to drink.

Second, it sprays up to 14 feet to either cool your dog in hot weather or repel other potentially aggressive animals humanely, if necessary. Spleash® holds 12 ounces of water, so it’s good for short walks only. But you only have to carry one thing, leaving your other hand free for waving or carrying poop bags.

5. DoggyRade: Hydration Travel Pack

Sometimes your dog isn’t anxious to drink water – more specifically, my dog often needs convincing to drink enough water. Hydration is important on both hot summer days and dry winter afternoons and that’s where DoggyRade from Tonisity (affiliate link) comes to the rescue. Think Gatorade for canines, DoggieRade is a low-calorie prebiotic drink with electrolytes. Not only is this product designed to hydrate but also help to support gut health.

Keeping a dog’s stomach stable while traveling is particularly challenging, and important. Changes in feeding time and routine can throw puppy off. DoggieRade offers a TravelPack that contains Doggie Rade, probiotic treats, a portable water bowl, and ball. Unopened packages last up to two years but need to be refrigerated after opening and last up to five days.

Writer bio: Sherri Telenko has been a professional writer for decades and a travel writer for the last two. She’s a member of TMAC (Travel Media Association of Canada) and Dog Writers Association of America and travels almost weekly with her canine companion, Victoria. Contact Sherri at here. All written content is original, written by a person, and based on experience and research. Please subscribe!

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