Woofstock Part II: Far Out Finds

In my quest to find the ultimate pet product indulgence, I thought I peaked at doggie bathrobe. (Check out where I found it)

What a novice … Was I wrong.

A Saturday visit to Toronto’s ultimate summer dog festival, Woofstock, May 28, 2016, gave me new exposure to the world of pet product innovation. If I’m going to buy cute duds like bathrobes and bowties, I’m going to need somewhere to keep them, right?

First up. Three words: custom dog closet.


dog closets woofstock

That’s right, innovation number one on the dogtrotting.net list of Far Out Finds at Woofstock is a company called Pawset Closet. They design and manufacture wall-mounted shelf-like closets with a single rod for hanging outfits, and small cubbyholes and drawers below for other accessories. Mascot and Instagram celebrity Pom Pom Chewy is the ‘spokesdog’ for this made-in-Canada product ranging in price from $150 to $295 for ready-made, and $350 for custom built.

Tree Hugging Dog Dishes

dog dish stumps woofstock

Next, Tree Huggers from Hawt Diggity Dog is a clever solution to feeding Fido outside: two trough-like bowels wrap around a tree keeping food and water off the ground and tip proof. A kit of two bowls, one belt and one mesh carry bag is $30 with $2 being donated to St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program.

Paw Print Forever

paw impressions woofstock

Paw prints in the sand forever is the basis of Pressions, a Canadian-made product similar to something you’ve likely seen before – raised paw-print impressions in a frame. But this one has a twist: The kit comes with sand inside a frame so you can keep trying until you get the perfect impression. Then pour the plaster and save the prints forever, hanging it on the wall of course.

Pet Tracker

Ever lose your pet? My schnoodle Victor has run off many times, once spending the night in a stranger’s basement. If I had put a TrackR (affiliate link) on him, I could have located him right to the house he was in. TrackR is a small disc you attach to anything you lose regularly including pets. Using GPS technology and a smart phone AP, you can locate it, and even make it beep – which would have been great fun for the family housing Victor that night. Discs start at $30 each.

Aromatherapy for Dogs

essential oils for dogs woofstock

Finally, smells. Yes, your dog loves the ones you don’t but there’s help. LifeForce aromatherapy for dogs offers bottles of essential oils that come in four configurations to help with canine stress, wellbeing, energy and odor. You can spray them, pour them in a diffuser, or dab them on a small disc that attach to your dog’s collar for hours of therapeutic sniffing benefit. Show sale: $10 for a bottle and collar disc combo.

What else happened at Woofstock? Check out dogtrotting.net’s Saturday coverage, then scroll over to Edie the Pug and check out what a little black pug got up to.

Were you there too? Let us know in the comments section!


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  3. Mario · · Reply

    fist the bathrobe and now the doggie closet. good idea. how about my closet, it’s a mess

    at least one of us will have a nicely organized closet

    good blog, as usual 🙂

    1. I think Victor might have a nicer bathrobe too..😸

  4. Wow. What will they think of next?

    1. What ever it is, I’m looking forward to it. I can’t believe the pet industry now. I thought I was pet crazy but stuff out there exceeds my imagination. Growing up I remember my parents laughing at the idea of buying a dog bed.

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