The 1000 Island Houseboat Adventure Dream with the dog

Kurgo, a supplier of outdoor and active gear for dogs, is sponsoring a contest: Live Your Kurgo Adventure! I’ve entered and would love it if you click on the following link and ‘like’ my idea: Cross-Canada Houseboat Adventure.

Here’s my plan … so watch for a blog entry (or more) about this adventure this summer: I’d love to live my ultimate land/water Canadian dream experience: house boating with my dog Victor in Ontario’s 1000 Islands National Parks and heritage sites in the St. Lawrence River. The trip includes hiking, boating and fishing, culminating with a canoe ride along the pride of Ottawa, the UNESECO recognized Rideau Canal. All the while I’ll be accompanied by my crazy energetic schnoodle, and living aboard a pet-friendly houseboat, June to July, 2015.

I’ll start by renting the houseboat in Gananoque, Ontario and I’ll learn to steer my own ship (literally) then head to any of the 21 islands that make up the 1000 Island National Park system – most accessible by boat only. Planned stops include Adelaide Island filled with significant Native archaeological sites I’m sure Victor will love (he’s kind of a history buff); Mulcasters Island called nature’s arboretum because it’s home to 29 species of trees reflective of the area’s diversity (Victor loves trees), and Camelot Island lined with steep cliffs along rugged shoreline that will test our climbing prowess (or we’ll do what we can). Hopefully, I’ll also visit Upper Canada Village, a dog-friendly 1700s living history museum, and Bolt Castle, a historic island mystery, before ending up at Ottawa’s Rideau Canal to climb aboard an iconic Canadian canoe with the canine and experience the city in a way I have never before.

Of course, the entire experience will be documented on my dog-friendly travel blog: Ahoy!

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