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Contest: Does You Dog Need a Jacket? You Bet. Win one!.

Does your dog need a coat? That’s a question I get asked occasionally when walking – or erratically darting – Victor in public places. What they really mean to say is my dog doesn’t need a coat. Really? The common argument is that in the wild, an animal doesn’t wear a jacket but adapts naturally […]

CONTEST! Win a Kurgo Muck Collar … never wash a dog collar again!

Win! A Doggie Life Jacket from Kurgo

Win a Kurgo Doggie Lifejacket on http://www.dogtrotting.net

The 1000 Island Houseboat Adventure Dream with the dog

Kurgo, a supplier of outdoor and active gear for dogs, is sponsoring a contest: Live Your Kurgo Adventure! I’ve entered and would love it if you click on the following link and ‘like’ my idea: Cross-Canada Houseboat Adventure. (Update: the contest is over but the adventure continued!). See our dog-friendly houseboating adventure here. Dog-friendly houseboating […]