Happy Halloween Lil’ Doggie

Lured by the promise of awesome professional photos, my dog and I finally made it to Bring Your Dog Cafe in Hamilton, Ontario – half doggie play area and half diner,  Bring Your Dog Cafe is about having all day breakfast while your pup romps with others at your feet.

cute black dog with pumpkin

Bring Your Dog Cafe is one of three in the city that have carefully sealed the food prep area from dog access granting them permits to operate. (Check out another here). Cafe, restaurants and bakeries first, they’re dog playgrounds second and occasionally locations for pet rescue fundraising efforts, thanks to local photographers.

cute black dog with pumpkin

And that’s why we’re here today. Time for Victor’s annual fall pumpkin pics because orange is his colour and Halloween is his jam. Or at least that’s what I’m telling him.

cute black dog with pumpkin and skeleton dog

Thanks to Ray Williams of Bow Wow Wow Photography, we got our best Victor mug shots yet, and my dog’s not a cooperative model. Fencing him in with hay bales and pumpkins helped though.

cute black dog with pumpkin


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