Review: Bella Roma Dog Travel Bowl

bella roma dog bowl

Just what we were looking for… just when we needed it. Our Bella Roma dog travel bowl (affiliate linkduo from Loving Pets saved the day. Well, weekend.

After travel with my dog Victor for years, including several trips to Rochester Hills, Michigan (check out our dog-shopping guide next), I made a rookie mistake: I forgot to pack Victor’s food dishes during our stay at the pet-friendly Red Roof Inn. (affiliate)

Clearly, I didn’t follow my own packing check list.

Nonetheless, the situation had me digging through the car looking for a solution and planning an emergency trip to PetSmart. Then I found it: the box Loving Pets sent me recently after meeting the company at SuperZoo 2019 last summer (in exchange for an honest review).

Loving Pets (makers of the classic Bella Bowl) sent a Bella Roma (affiliate link) – a flexible BPA-free food-grade silicone dual bowl that opens like a clam shell, unfolds and turns into a food and water bowl that sits comfortably on the hotel room floor.

Unlike other collapsible bowls, the Bella Roma stays open because locking legs at the hinge prevent everything from folding to the floor when Fido puts his face in.

Unlike the kitchen bowls, the silicone bowls accordion fold flat, and a lack clips, keeping it closed in the car. A small carabineer lets you clip it to a backpack while hiking or stores flat in a carry-on.


If your dog doesn’t eat all its food, you can collapse one bowl then use it as a lid to clip the other bowl shut and keep trucking along.

bella roma travel bowl 2

So, we had our new travel bowls taking up a lot less room than the plastic bowls I usually throw into the travel bag but work like real bowls thanks to added support. Clearly, I didn’t feed Victor on bed as we spent the weekend at the Red Roof Inn in Rochester Hills, Michigan. We’re here to attend the Rochester Writer’s Conference as we do every year.

Well, I do. Victor stays one afternoon at the All American Pet Resort where they give him a kennel for the day, and me access to a video monitor to check on him online while I’m separated from him for six hours. The Bella Roma, however, stayed with him and proved remarkable useful on this trip.

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Want your own Bella Roma Travel Dog Bowl?

Check the Bella Roma bowl here on Amazon (affiliate link) OR enter the contest.


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  2. Natalie Hartmann · · Reply

    Tennessee to visit grandma!

  3. Traveling to be with family for Thanksgiving

  4. These are such adorable and practical! This year for the holidays or traveling to my parents. This would be perfect to bring along with us to keep the pooch hydrated and well fed.

  5. Sandy Weinstein · · Reply

    i love these bowls and the stand. i dont have one like this. we are not really traveling because we ahve to move out of our house for abt 3 mos or more, do to broken water pipes, mold. my house has to be almost completely restored inside and in the crawlspace. a big mess. worried abt staying in an apt or strange place for the girls. they like to come and go as they like on the big covered deck, barking at the deer, etc. so i dont know how they will do in a different location. i dont have any winter clothes to wear because of the mold, so have to get all my clothes cleaned. we do have to go to the dental vet which is abt 3 hrs round trip.

    1. Wow. That is a lot to deal with in the winter. Dogs in an apartment is challenging but possible – you’ll be up and down the elevator a lot.

  6. Molly Pitcher · · Reply

    We are going to grandma for Thanksgiving. This would be perfect for keeping my pup hydrated on the road!

    1. Sounds great. Enjoy Thanksgiving!

  7. Miss Peach (alias Miss Impeachment LOL) hails from Victoria, B.C. but loves driving down to Coronado Island and Shelter Island where she romps along the dog beach in Ocean Beach and the dog beach on Coronado and enjoys jumping in the waves, chasing her squeaky ball. Last week she stayed at Kona Kai and watched the Ba-Ha-Ha boats get underway. She has met so many friends from all over. She’s in Coronado right now, at the dog wash! Please say hi if you see us! She’s a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. And she would love her own travel bowl!! Harris Ranch is another of her favorite doggie stops on the I-5.

    1. Wow. Great adventure! Love Kona Kai.

      1. Anonymous · · Reply

        Thanks very much for your response! We also love staying on board at Shelter Island Marina – some of their yachts are dog-friendly too! And so is Coronado Shores next to the Del.

  8. We are taking our beautiful golden boy, Gus on his very first big road trip to Florida! Very excited about making more memories with our boy and it sounds like the Bella Roma bowl would make our trip that much better!!

    1. Sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Elizabeth · · Reply

    I use an old Tupperware bowl for my Lucy when we travel. We commute from Manitoba to Quebec all the time. Lucy is a great traveler. And for her to have her own travel bowl, would be amazing!

  10. Kimberly Murphy · · Reply

    Heading north to Owen Sound for our “early” family Christmas! 3 dogs go with us. 🙂

  11. Traveling to vist family 🙂

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