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dog in historic train station dogtrotting.net

Travel Milton, Ontario: Dogs on a Train (and Streetcar)

Not often does a dog board a restored 1915 train car to journey a short distance for ice cream. It’s a dog life. A travelling dog. My 11-year-old schnoodle is becoming a train dog, whether he likes it or not. Actually, he’s very calm and comfortable sitting on my lap during short novelty train rides […]

5 Ways to Make Camping (with Dogs) Easier … at Bingemans Camping Resort

When Bingemans Camping and Resort first opened in 1938 in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, Dr. Bingeman, a veterinarian, envisioned a pastoral retreat and hobby farm where city folk could unwind. Three generations later, the multi-use amusement park and conference facility boasting a campground, waterpark and bowling alley is one of the biggest summer attractions in the […]

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Saving Pets One Pair of Travel Shoes at a Time

There are many reasons to own comfortable shoes. My two favourites? Travel and dog walking. When I discovered TOMS – those hip canvas Asian-like flats – I thought I’d hit the jackpot. Sure, they look like slippers, but in a bohemian kind of way. Comfortable, colourful, and pairable with jeans, shorts, and casual dress, what’s […]

Woofstock Part II: Far Out Finds

In my quest to find the ultimate pet indulgence, I thought I peaked at bathrobe. Boy, was I wrong.
Woofstock is crazy.

Travel Kitchener: Dog Bathrobes at First Annual Pet Expo

Victor is channeling his inner Hugh Hefner. Well, not really, he’s fixed. (Victor not Hef). But my dog is rocking his new silk smoking jacket microfiber bathrobe from Hapu, a small company I discovered at Kitchener, Ontario’s first annual Pet Expo in May 2016. Yes, that’s right. I bought my dog a bathrobe. In fact, […]

Car Travel with Dogs: 7 Tips for Making it Easy

I have been carting my dog Victor – an 11- year-old poodle/schnauzer cross – around since I got him three years ago, and I’ve been figuring it out as I go. I own a Kia Soul (bought before I got Victor) that turned out to be a great dog car because putting the back seat down allows for a lot of doggie space and an hatchback makes in and out easy. So, Victor and I hit the road a lot. Here’s what I’ve learned:

Found a friend while docked at McDonald Island in the 1000 Islands

Great Canadian 1000 Islands Houseboat Dog Adventure – Day 1: someone falls in

Sasha falls in. We’ve had the houseboat for two-hours, started getting acquainted with the picturesque contours of the Gananoque coast and random private islands scattered throughout the St. Lawrence River in the 1000 Island region, and Sasha, the two-year-old chocolate lab, falls overboard.

Great Canadian 1000 Islands Houseboat Dog Adventure – Pre-Day 1

Our houseboat adventure through the National Parks of the 1000 Islands in Canada and along the border of the U.S. begins. We are heading to Gananoque, Ontario to pick up the rented Houseboat from Houseboat Holidays, the only pet-friendly operator of its kind in the area.

friendly dog at Peterborough Farmers Market

Travel, Peterborough, Ontario: This Little Doggie Went to Market

A stroll around the Peterborough Farmer’s Market outdoor area indicates this is a dog town, and the not-enclosed portion of this Saturday morning destination is very pet friendly, and not just for dogs.

Amsterdam, Holland: Guard Dogs at the Amsterdam Zoo

Amsterdam is a city of movement. But it’s not ideal for dogs, and a week away from my furry family left me longing for their company … even in one of the most captivating cities in the world. Especially during the summer, throngs of tourists crowd the narrow streets of Amsterdam looking for glimpses of the […]