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Doberman in the forest

Always Faithful: Dog War Memorial History and Casting at the Dog Museum, NYC

Dogs – few things tug at our heart strings more than a good dog story, yet most people don’t know how frequently canines are part of combat. Belgian Malinois are generally the military dog of choice followed by German Shepherds, a close second.

Yet what breed of dog graces “Always Faithful,” the first official war US dog memorial? A Doberman Pinscher. Dobermans served as sentries, messengers, cave explorers, mine detectors and scouts in the Pacific during War World II and many marines owe their lives to these dogs. Yet what breed of dog graces “Always Faithful,” the first official war US dog memorial?

cocker spaniel in tux waiting to meet Dr. Pol

Travel NYC: Meet Dr. Pol at Westminster 2020

“This is Elvis,” proud pet mama tells me showing off her dapper tuxedo-clad Cocker Spaniel. “He’s dressed up to meet Dr. Pol.” Elvis might be the one of the few dressed up at the Westminster Dog Show weekend event, but he’s not the only dog here who wants to meet Dr. Pol and have a […]

Westminster Dog Show 2017 Meet and Compete

NYC Westminster Dog Show: AKC Meet and Compete … cats too! (Part III)

Pier 92 a long New York City’s Hudson River isn’t everyone’s first stop during a visit to the Big Apple. However, Saturday of the Westminster Dog Show weekend, that’s where I headed, after checking into the dog-friendly Pennsylvania Hotel (affiliate link) across from Madison Square Gardens – the nerve centre for all things dog show. But before […]

Westminster Best of Show German Shepherd

NYC: Westminster Kennel Club 2017 Best in Show (Part II) goes to…

There’s a whole lot of shaking going on at the Westminster Dog Show 2017 finals at Madison Square Gardens in New York City. It’s day two of a two-day competition and tonight we learn what everyone here wants to know: Who is Best in Show? First, there are three groups to judge: Sporting Group, Working […]

Dog cookies at Pen Hotel NYC

Dogging it in NYC: Day 1 Where my 3-day dog travel adventure started

I heard a lot about the lobby of New York City’s Hotel Pennsylvania – specifically what happens during the Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show every February when hundreds of pedigree pups are carted (or kenneled) into the hotel conveniently located across from Madison Square Gardens, home of the grand evening show ring and Best in […]

Dogging it in NYC Day 3: Afternoon at WKC Dog Show

Almost everyone knows the phrase ‘Best in Show’ – especially those who love dogs. Even if you didn’t watch with awe the final night of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show finals televised from Madison Square Gardens on February 16, 2016, you likely know who was crowned ‘Best in Show.’ A German Shorthaired Pointer affectionately […]

UPDATE! Dogging It in NYC Day 3: American WKC Dog Show!

  Tonight is the Grand Finale of the 140th American Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at Madison Square Gardens in New York City. Tonight one lucky pup will be Best in Show, taking the crown from last year’s winner Miss P., a Beagle and surprise choice. Tonight, like many other dog lovers, I’ll be watching […]