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Exhibiting Identity and Restraint at the AKC Museum of the Dog in NYC

Currently, “Identity and Restraint: Art of the Dog Collar” is on at the AKC Museum of the Dog in New York City, April 5 to September 4, 2023.

Indoguration? Creative Fundraisers for DHA and Museum of the Dog, NYC

I’m looking to frame my custom Pet Portrait of Victor by Kristin Doney. Best $95 US I’ve ever donated. The AKC Museum of the Dog organized a fundraiser that helped both the museum and a city artist. For a minimum donation of $95 and an emailed image of your dog, the museum sent me back a matted 4×6 illustration of my dog, Victoria.

Doberman in the forest

Always Faithful: Dog War Memorial History and Casting at the Dog Museum, NYC

Dogs – few things tug at our heart strings more than a good dog story, yet most people don’t know how frequently canines are part of combat. Belgian Malinois are generally the military dog of choice followed by German Shepherds, a close second.

Yet what breed of dog graces “Always Faithful,” the first official war US dog memorial? A Doberman Pinscher. Dobermans served as sentries, messengers, cave explorers, mine detectors and scouts in the Pacific during War World II and many marines owe their lives to these dogs. Yet what breed of dog graces “Always Faithful,” the first official war US dog memorial?

Hot Docs: Well Groomed …. and Proud. A documentary about dog groomers. For real.

If you haven’t seen Well Groomed, then you haven’t seen a documentary about dog groomers. That’s right: a 90-minute film about a year in the life of competitive creative dog groomers. What’s ‘creative dog grooming?’ Just wait…. First, a shout out to Hot Docs 2019 Festival in Toronto, Ontario where I saw the film opening […]

dog art at the AKC Museum of the Dog NYC

Happy Family Day! Celebrating Family at the AKC Museum of the Dog, NYC

Lining up on the stairs in front of the AKC Museum of the Dog in the Big Apple, I’m ridiculously excited. An entire museum dedicated to dogs? Well, in this case, dog breeds because the AKC runs the country’s oldest purebred registry.

And Your Little Dog Too… The Art of Banksy, Toronto, ON

My favourite Banksy dog image isn’t in the blockbuster exhibition: The Art of Banksy, making its North American premiere in Toronto this month. My favourite image is a line drawing of a bulldog against a pink background. But the print does appear in several videos airing curator Steve Lazarides’ commentary dotting the six-room exhibition in an […]

KC Part Two: Year of the Dog (and Shuttle Cocks) in Kansas City, Missouri

2018 is the Year of the Dog, according to the Chinese calendar. Thought I didn’t notice? Of course, I noticed – I was waiting for the ideal opportunity to announce it on Here it is: Part two of dog-days in Kansas City, Missouri while attending BlogPaws 2018 (maybe for the last time), an annual […]

Travel Guelph, Ontario: Appreciating Art the Dog Way at the old/new sculpture park

It was a great idea to take my schnoodle Victor to the outdoor art park … until it wasn’t. (My apologies to artist John Greer – apparently his three large stone ‘Grains of Wheat’ to a dog looks like, well three large rocks.) We’re hanging out at the Guelph Art Gallery (formerly the McDonald Stewart […]

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San Antonio, Texas: Ancient Chinese Dog Sculpture

Check out this ancient dog sculpture at the San Antonio, Texas Museum of Art and learn how ancient our bond with dogs is and why.