Oh Canada … PIJAC National Pet Industry Trade Show. Woof.

nat pet show dogtrotting.net 11No question – the pet industry rocks. And it’s time to roll with the red and white but no blue … almost.

Like SuperZoo in Vegas, the annual National Pet Industry Trade Show in Toronto is only open to those in the pet biz (and a few media members like dogtrotting.net).

Unlike SuperZoo, it’s focused on the Canadian market, and there’s more distributors here than individual companies promoting their own products. Why? So many pet products are U.S.-based, and distributors are the only access into the True North Strong and Free market.

Yet many Canadian products are represented at the PIJAC sponsored event September 16 and 17, 2018 at the International Centre near Toronto’s Pearson Airport (This post contains Amazon.ca affiliate links).

Here’s what screamed Great White and North at the National Pet Industry Trade Show:

X10 Pet Super Nutrient Food Topper – First time I’ve found a spray-on food topper, but this one is no fat (something I look for after my aging dog had a pancreatitis scare) and claims to be good for, well, almost everything: fur, skin, muscles, nerves, cells, brain, eyes, heart, joint and immune system.

Full of red mico-algae, this topper is a good source of astaxanthin (what makes salmon red), omega-3, and vitamin E. The best part is, this Surrey, British Columbia based company grows and harvests its own algae.

The nine-month old Bena Distribution company based in Montreal offers playful pet beds, such as brown or black faux leather with fun-fur lining that match upbeat not-too-serious décor. Also, from Montreal, faux-fur thickly braided tug-toy Schumlug was fresh off an appearance on French Dragon’s Den. Holly Molly from Quebec – a line of contemporary scented candles promising to remove pet orders from the air – is brand new to the market looking for cross-Canada distribution.

Taking the dogtrotting.net prize for innovated products (metaphorically, there’s no actual prize) is first Best Friend Apparel promoting its newly re-branded dog-walker gloves. These have a poop-bag back pocket and you don’t have to take them off to open the bag thanks to rubber fingers. They work, too. I’ve tried.

Second, I loved Fence in a Bag (which I hope to try in action soon). One bag, five metal spiked poles, and a grommet adored tarp (that can be anchored to the ground) and you’ve got a portable dog run perfect for camping or those RV sites that don’t provide dog runs – but expect you to keep Fido tethered. What fun is that?

The larger Canadian companies you likely already know are representing: Canada Pooch, Royal Canin, and RC Pets. But the product that screamed hoser was Northern Biscuit Bakery’s new dog treat flavours: Poutine and Craft Beer (using spent grains). Can’t decide which taste will thrill your fun-loving fur baby more? Select the party pack of both: poutine and beer.

Stay tuned to learn more about these interesting products, all available in Canada, of course:

PowAir urine and odor neutralizer spray containing 40 essential oils and a bacteria that activates enzymes promises to solve my dog pee-stained office carpet issues (more on that soon).

Reusable PoochPad from North Carolina, the only odor eliminating resuable washable (in warm water) pee pads on the market, along with washable diapers – something I need on the road to keep my pup from ‘spite peeing’ in hotel rooms (only once at the Sheraton).

Finally, uber cute, shiny and pretty Alcott easy on/off Mariner Adventure Harness along with a matching Weekender Adventure Leash. My pup Victor is going to rock these and I can’t wait to break them in at the next, and likely last of the season, outdoor festival, ironically south of the 49th parallel.

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Want an Alcott Adventure Harness?
Good value and quality here on Amazon.ca (affiliate link). Check it out. 


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