Solutions for Aging Dog Mobility Issues Part #5: Chews

Today, we continue our improving aging dog mobility series and this one’s easy: treats. But not just any treats….

Ok, these are not exactly treats – they are chews that look and sometimes taste like dog treats. However, there are specific dosages to give. For example, ActivPetz advices only one treat a day for dogs my Victor’s size (6.8 to 13 kg). I also don’t give these along with Arthramine. One or the other. (I gave treats for a few weeks, and supplements for a month to see the difference).

mobility chewsSome of these fortified treats Victor likes more than the other – ActivPetz and Tomlyn are his two favourites. But he’ll eventually eat any of them if I drop them in his food bowl. All are preferable to his food sometimes. Here’s the list we tried over one year:

mobility chews 1Tomlyn Joint & Hip Chews – Glucosamine is the first product listed designed to help support cartilage structure; MSM helps relieve joint stiffness (something my dog feels when it rains); Fish oils including EPA and DHA for bones and joints and amino acid Creatine for muscle recovery in these Tomlyn Joint & Hip Chews. (Amazon affiliate link)

mobility chews 4Glyco-Flex 1 – These bite-sized chews from Vetri-science Laboratories are designed for dogs needing basic joint support and might not work the best for my aging dog, who’s likely beyond Stage 1 of the company’s evaluation. Specifically, Glyco-Flex 1 (affiliate link) for puppies and dogs with an early need for joint support, according to the company. Perma Canaliculus (green-lipped muscle) is the main component, along with lower levels of Glucosamine. Again, dosage is dependent on size and recommended for 6 weeks or less.

mobility chews 3True Hemp Chews for Hip & Joint Support – These grain-free chews from TrueLeaf are made with Canadian Hemp and curcumin from turmeric, a natural antioxidant. Green Lipped Mussel is the source of omega 3s and reduces inflammation. Hemp seed oil and protein is the focus of these chews, rather than glucosamine and ingredients, not active ingredients, are listed: salmon, hemp seed powder, green muscle powder and cold pressed hemp seed oil.

mobility chews 2ActivPetz Chicken Jerky Hip & Joint Formula – These square jerky fortified dog treats from Loving Pets smell and look like regular treats but considering Victor’s size he only gets one a day. Grain, wheat, gluten, soy and corn free chews made in the USA focuses on only two main active ingredients: Glucosamine and Chondroitin (said to reduce pain and inflammation) that, according to the company, help support overall joint health. ActivPetz Hip & Joint Formula. (affiliate link)

Check out True Hemp Chews for Dogs on (Canada) here. (affiliate link)

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