Solutions for an Aging Dog Mobility Issues Part #4: Orthopedic Dog Bed

Victor, my likely 12-year-old cocker cross, sleeps anywhere. Pretty much everywhere, including my bed, his beds, or the floor. He’s not picky.

dog in orthopedic dog bed www.dogtrottting.netBut I am. I’d rather see him curl up in any of the beds I’ve bought him because that’s got to be more comfortable, especially if the bed therapeutic. If I’m more comfortable on orthopedic mattresses, isn’t Victor and his aging joints?

Fortunately, I didn’t have to look to hard because Petlinks, a division of Worldwise Inc. who I met at SuperZoo in Las Vegas, sent me in exchange for an honest review a Soothing Escape Gel Memory Foam dog bed ( affiliate link). Sound sexy? It kind of is.

White dog on pet bed dogtrotting.netFirst, Petlinks bed looks good – no paw prints or neon colours that don’t fit with contemporary home décor. This bed is soft neutral tones and contrasting cording similar to my choice for a couch.

Second, the fabric is soft with firm bolsters that holds Victor’s head when curled up. The circular gel-base with contoured memory foam feels like it would be supportive to sleep on. According to the company, “therapeutic beds evenly distribute weight to help rejuvenate your dog as he rests. Convoluted foam’s distinctive bumps cushion and support, while memory and gel foams conform to your dog’s shape, relieving stress on aching joints and muscles.”

I hope that’s true. Victor hasn’t told me. Does he sleep in it every night?

Sometimes but not always. He changes spots a lot mostly stretching out on larger surfaces but when he does curl up, it’s in his Soothing Escape Gel Memory Foam Petlinks bed.

cat in orthopedic dog bed www.dogtrottting.netOne consideration when selecting a Worldwise Inc. Petlink bed is whether or not your dog frequently sleeps curled up – some like the comfort of safety – and order a bed size bigger than you think you need. The medium is a little snug for a Cocker Spaniel sized dog, unless snug is what they need.

Otherwise, this is a sinfully soft, quality and durable product and I’m sure if memory foam feels better on my hip bones (not that I curled up in it), it must make Victor’s joints feel better. (And when he’s not using it, our cat Sally is).

Interested? Check out Petlinks Orthopedic Dog Bed here on (US affiliate) or The American Kennel Club Orthopedic Cuddler on (CAN affiliate).


  1. Great post for the dog lover! I appreciate your work. I’m also a dog owner. Thanks for sharing this post with us!

    1. Thanks!

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