Solutions for Aging Dog Mobility Issues Part #1: Glucosamine supplements

arthramine joint supplements for dogsAbout an hour after Harry Shamoyan, VP of International Veterinary Sciences (IVS), spoke to a woman on the phone who extolled the benefits Arthramine Max, (Amazon affiliate link) a joint and bone supplement for dogs, he gets a call from her husband.

“’Ok, what’s wrong?’ I think before taking the call,” Shamonyan tells me.

“What did you give my dog?” the man asks. “He hasn’t greeted me at the door when I’ve come home from work for almost two years. Today, he trotted to the door, tail wagging.”

These pet parents had an aging Golden Retriever who’d been having trouble walking due to joint stiffness. The dog had been on Arthramine Max for about a month and, according to Shamoyan, it had made enough difference both phoned IVS in one day.

woofstock dog www.dogtrotting.netOf course, Arthramine Max is something I’ve got to try. Well, not me specifically. My aging energetic mix-terrier Victor has clearly been experience some visible joint stiffness, especially since his CLS surgery two years ago. 

So what can I do to help my aging dog’s mobility issues?

The first thing I do after Victor’s surgery (next to Toe Grips – up next) is add supplements to his diet. And I was given Arthramine Max from IVS to try and write an honest review about.

Healthy quality food is of course a given and I’ve been doing that long before Victor needed surgery. But sometimes nutrience, like added glucosamine, can evaporate depending on the process of pet food creation, says Shamoyan.

Shamoyan, of course, recommends supplements especially those that target specific health issues.

Clearly, Arthamine is not for cats, but the neighbour’s cat looked so cute sneaking into our photo shoot, I couldn’t resist:

So, did Arthramine Max with glucosamine (and green shell muscle), chondroitin, hyaluronic acid, omega 3 fatty acid, manganese, and Vitamin C, change Victor’s life?

Well, he’s always greeted me at the door and had an unnaturally high energy level at the best of times. It was difficult for me to see a significant difference but the supplements certainly didn’t hurt and over time he limps less and moves with ease throughout most of the day.

There are two challenging things about the pills:

  1. They are big and half to be halved for a dog his size
  2. They aren’t tasty. I must cover a pill half with peanut butter. He usually eats it in his dish eventually.

But if Victor wasn’t as enthusiastic as I’d like about his healthy pills, ask the Burbank Police department. Apparently, they keep their police dogs on Arthramine, according to Shamoyan, and swear by it. 

Interested? Find Arthramine on here (US affiliate link)
or on here (CAN affiliate link)


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