Contest! Introducing Stuffed Stuff from Jones Natural Chews – Lab Approved

jones chews 3Jones Natural Chews are one of those product lines I have difficulty with – as a vegetarian, I cringe at knowing exactly what dead animal part I’m feeding my dog.

However, as a pet parent concerned about what I’m feeding my carnivore pup, Jones Natural Chews is exactly what I prefer to give him.

Jones is a family-owned company evolved from six generations of butchers producing quality meats form humans. From quality meat come quality bones and long before Jones Natural Chews ( affiliate) was a pet company in 1991, customers arrived at their butcher shop for dog bones.

All Jones dog products are grown, produced and manufactured in the USA.

Stuffed stuff is the company’s newest product line. While I balk at the sight of a Cheezy Bone – cheese and bacon flavour filled beef bone – or the Stuffed Windees – chicken and rice flavour filled beef trachea, dogs experience the opposite reaction.

Both types of stuffed chews are a bit too big for my aging terrier-cross Victor, so I taste tested the ones Jones sent me for review with Victor’s best buddy Sasha, a lab/Malinois-cross with jaws of steel and a heart of gold.

I couldn’t get a good photo of the Stuffed Windees because the scent attracted Sasha’s attention. The minute I opened the package, she grabbed the chew like a vegan at a salad bar. With some coaxing, she dutifully poised for one outdoor photo before dodging into the house to protect her treasure from potential poachers (like Victor).

I took almost 10 minutes for her to gnaw through that trachea and that’s a record for her – usually it’s one minute. These chews keep big dogs busy, and very happy.

Vegetarians, not so much.


It’s almost holiday season – win an early gift for your active chewer. and Jones Natural Chews are giving away a Christmas stocking full of Jones Chews.

contest jones all natural chewsSimply leave a comment below. Does your dog like to chew? Contest is open to US and Canadian residents. Winner will be contacted via email. Contest closes November 30, 2018.

Check all Jones Natural Chews products here ( affiliate)
and Jones Natural Stuffed Chews ( affiliate)


  1. I have 4 dogs and there my whole life , thanks for a chance to win. My dog would enjoy this package for sure

    1. Thank you for posting but this contest is done. I should update the post!

  2. Tanika Campbell · · Reply

    I have a power chewer and a dainty chewer. Bullies are the only thing that can last longer than 60 seconds!

  3. Susie McAdam · · Reply

    My Abbey sure does love to chew, and she only chews good-for-her products like Jones Natural Chews!

    1. Thanks for entering. Yes, what they chew is important – especially with all the imports on the market.

  4. Artie loves to chew, and treats are his reward for going to work with my wife at school where he is their therapy dog. He loves the students and they love him.

    1. He sounds wonderful.

  5. Artie loves to chew and he loves all treats.

    1. Good to hear it. Thanks for posting.

  6. Cathy Truman · · Reply

    Our boy Bailey loves to chew. He chew as a puppy and he is still chewing now at 4 years old. Bailey is s very handsome black cocker spaniel.

    1. My little guy is a black part cocker…and at 13 he still has the energy of a puppy.

  7. Charles Frest · · Reply

    All my dogs love to chew even my two seniors

    1. Sounds like you need a lot of chews…

  8. Shelley P · · Reply

    We just adopted a very active young dog who loves to chew. He would love this stocking full of chews! It would also keep him busy and happy and out of trouble LOL.

    1. Good to hear it! Enjoy the new arrival in time for the holidays.

  9. Tanika Campbell · · Reply

    I have a power chewer chocolate lab and a dainty chewer chihuahua. They LOVE bullies and other bones.

    1. My dog’s best buddy is a lab and power chewer too…

  10. My dog loves to chew! She has calm down a lot since she was a puppy and we know to give her a good healthy things to chew on so she doesn’t destroy our bed like she did when she was a baby.

    1. Fortunately my old guy was past that stage when I got him. Thanks for posting.

  11. Sarah Borns · · Reply

    indeed! chewing is so important for mental stimulation as well as physical and gum health!

    1. Yes mental stimulation too … good point.

  12. We a big fan of theirs and they were kind enough to donate a lot of treats and chews for the AIDS Walk this year in San Francisco – a wonderful company

    1. Good to know! Thanks.

  13. Teresa Christiansen · · Reply

    My 6 month old pup River loves Jones products! Especially the curly and braided bully sticks!

    1. Sounds very cute. Thanks for posting!

  14. My Sheltie Meeko LOVES to chew!!! He’s such a chewer, I’m constantly looking for new things for him to go to town on, rather than my shoes.

    1. Hopefully Jones Chews are more desirable than shoes. Thanks for posting.

  15. Cathy Truman · · Reply

    Our boy Bailey loves to chew. I get him long lasting chews and they do last him very long.Thanks. forb the chance to win such an amazing stocking..

    1. Thanks. It ‘s a cute product.

  16. Jerri Loper · · Reply

    Yes my big dogs love them! Great giveaway

    1. Thanks! You’re entered.

  17. Charles Frest · · Reply

    All four of my dogs love to chew.

    1. Four? That’s a lot of chewing!

  18. susanne fishwild · · Reply

    Yes, both our dogs love to chew. Sometimes I even make them bones, they love their treats. The holidays are really pretty close, aren’t they.

    1. This is a cute holiday product. Thanks for entering.

  19. Tracy stach · · Reply

    My dog loves to chew on everything! I love to give her treats meant to be chewed on and we both stay happy

    1. Thanks for entering. These are great chews.

    2. Thanks for entering. Sometimes chews solve a world of problems.

  20. Amy Wells · · Reply

    Yes!!! My dog LOVES to chew!!!

    1. Thanks for posting! You’re entered.

  21. Wendy Browne · · Reply

    My Boston is a slow chewer and really loves those trachea. They can last a week or so.

    1. They work well as chews but somes I don’ t want to know what parts they are. Thanks for entering!

  22. Penny Rogers · · Reply

    I have a GSD 69 lbs loves chewing on anything. And a lab Great Dane mix 85 lbs that chews a hambone gone in no time. I think they would have a great time with these.

    1. Hambone? Wow. I think they would go through these fast. Thanks for posting!

  23. Amber Bourland · · Reply

    I have 2 dogs- a lab-pit mix who makes short work of any kind of bone or chew, and a Great Pyrenees “pup” (90 pounds of fluffy, cuddly puppy) who wants to chew anything laying on thew floor (including shoes with feet still in them). I’m sure they would absolutely love these!

    1. Holy Smokes that’s a lot of dog….

  24. My two dogs love to chew. 3.5 miniature pincher beagle mix Max and and Jaxon 11 month border collie. They love chewing on nylabones, chews and Himalayan chews

    1. A pincher beagle? That must be cute. I have more about nylabone style chews coming up too.

  25. allison hoffman · · Reply

    I have a husky who loves to chew- would love to win this

    1. The big dogs love to chew…

  26. Sandy Weinstein · · Reply

    love the horses at the fair. i used to show horses and showed at the local fair every year for a very long time.

  27. Sandy Weinstein · · Reply

    my girls love Jones treats. they love to chew. not many stores carry Jones in my area anymore. i dont know why, they have some great new treats. my girls’ favorite Jones treat are the venison chews.

    1. I know they rebranded recently so they might be refilling shelves now

  28. Linda Szymoniak · · Reply

    I”m with you – I balk at even the thought of these, but my dogs would go nuts for them. Yes, my dogs are all heavy chewers, so anything that keeps them busy for less than 10 seconds is always welcome in our house!

  29. My Layla loves to chew. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

    1. Thanks for entering. I’ll randomly select a name in a few weeks.

  30. Diana Wende · · Reply

    My Vela is a power chewer. She loves to chew till nothing is left.

    1. Lots to go through in the pet ‘stocking’ Thanks for posting.

    2. The dog I tested them on is the same – she can chew through wood

  31. Loved the story of the Butcher to pet food makers! When I lived in the bush, all my dog had were bones from the butcher. I’m going to order some for her.

    1. Yes I guess pets are more lucrative than people…. Thanks for posting

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