Take Your Dog to London, ON: We survived Pawlooza 2018 … and you can too!

dog at Pawlooza 2018 pet festivalWe survived Pawlooza 2018, with only minor incidents. I debated not taking my dog Victor along with me because this pet festival is crowded and dogs rushing Victor’s face are not greeted kindly, by him or me.

But … ultimately, I’m glad I brought him for two reasons:

  • He loved the little dog lease-free zone and ran around being big dude on campus
  • We got a second reading from Terri Beauchamp, physic medium, of Beyond Healing Pathways

Pawlooza is an annual pet festival – primarily dog (though we saw one iguana being carried around) – at a private estate near London, Ontario. Hundreds of cars inched their way onto the grassy expansive property that includes a horse stable, classic car collection garage, golf course and indoor dog agility arena. The place is big.

Good thing because this is one popular festival including vendors, extensive rescue group booths, dog diving into the pond, big dog off-leash run (also with a pond) and little dog off-leash run – Victor’s favourite. The main stage featured pet contests, some local musical entertainment and … pet communicator Terri Beauchamp (who we met before – see here).

Canine Communications

What’s going on with Victor? He doesn’t like a lot attention – he’s kind of an aloof dude – so being on stage with Terri wasn’t his thing. He’s also very sensitive to his environment and incredibly attached to me. He only trusts when I do.

When I asked Terri why Victor ran off on me the other day, down a hill, toward the river and across the road (yes, cars had to stop), he answered: “because there’s interesting things down there.”

When she asked him not to do it, he said, “Then she has to take me there.” He was unconvinced when told of the dangers. “I don’t recommend he walks off leash,” she says. “He’s not going to stop running off.” Apparently, the lure of nests along the river is strong. Typical headstrong Victor. No surprise there.

Pooch Pampering

Sunshine saved the day after an night of rain, but it was still warm – though not as warm as last year. Water was everywhere. Plastic kiddy pools of ice water cooled my black dog in the leash-free run and a water station even washed bowls between pooches.

Volunteers worked like … well, dogs… keeping this festival moving. From constant water bowl filling to moving traffic in and out of the parking lot field, it was no easy task.

If you’ve never visited the London, Ontario area (about a one-hour drive from Port Huron, Michigan), go during Pawlooza weekend in August. This isn’t the only thing to see in the city, but it’s one of the best – especially with the dog.

Also in London, Fanshaw Pioneer Village (check out our review here) should be your next stop – it’s also dog-friendly. September 9, 2018 is the annual Day for Dogs there.  Check out dogtrotting  pet events here.


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