Travel Hamilton, Ontario: Victor Does Supercrawl

dog on a bench at Supercrawl

Victor on the mean Supercrawl streets

Victor is an arty dog … well, not really but he does love crowds, energy and activity, and I like arty stuff. So this past weekend we headed to downtown Hamilton for James Street Supercrawl.

If you live near Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (and even Toronto), you’ve likely heard enough about Supercrawl.

If you don’t, you’re likely asking, “What’s Supercrawl? Some kind of hardcore pub crawl only Steeltown drinkers can pull off?”

Artist Tor Lukasik-Foss with Victor in front of "Not a Psychic" installation

Artist Tor Lukasik-Foss with Victor in front of “Not a Psychic” installation

That would be cool, but no.

Supercrawl is the larger (and some say better?) more corporate big sister of Art Crawl, a monthly institution and Friday night street art festival along James Street North that grew out of grassroots gumption and a distain for rules. Galleries open doors late and vendors, musicians and street performers set up shop.

Supercrawl is the bigger more regulated weekend version that happens each year the second weekend of September, rain or shine.

This year it rained. (Victor hates the rain).

Dog art at Supercrawl

Dog art at Supercrawl

Yet thousands of people showed up September 11 to 13, 2015 to experience five city blocks of live music, food (40 food trucks), art, craft vendors, installation pieces, live performances and acrobats, and fashion shows making this the hippest Canadian street fest a dog can strut his stuff at.

It’s outside (of course the shops, cafes and galleries along the street are open) so dogs can come. But if you bring one, prepare to be stopped by the dog crazy, genuinely crazy and harmlessly eccentric. This is still the gritty hood, after all. And a variety of people love dogs.

Pet portrait painters were represented, along with installation artists (who I made hold Vic for a photo op – thanks Tor). Also, there was our favourite dog-accessory creator Handmade in The Hammer, who made Vic’s Dr. Seuss collar that turned out to be such a conversation piece (not that his swagger needs help), we had to buy more. This year it was a rubber ducky print collar along with a flower burst print bowtie.

Victor's new collar and bow

Victor’s new collar and bow

Artist Tor Lukasik-Foss with Victor in front of "Not a Psychic" installation

Alison from Handmade in the Hammer with Victor a fav customer

Victor’s such a hipster. What can you do?

Well, ask Allison the collar creator to hold Vic for a photo, of course.

(Stay tuned at for a Handmade in The Hammer giveaway contest closer to the holiday season…)

Note:  James Street North Art Crawl continues the second Friday of every month year round. Supercrawl will return same time next September.

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  4. Anonymous · · Reply

    Fun story. Great pics. Always enjoy reading about all the different places we can take our fury friends to. Too bad I missed it this year

    1. You might have missed Supercrawl this year but Artcrawl is in October! Dogs can go too.

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