Dog Peanut Butter. Curious?

dog eating peanut butter treatEtsy’s great, but there’s still nothing like a real life, real time art and craft show where you can meet the makers directly – or touch stuff and impulse purchase shamelessly. (If you’ve been following, you’ve likely noticed I love handmade stuff).

What’s trendy at craft shows? Handbags, totes, soap, bath balms and … pet stuff. No longer relegated to pet expos, handmade bowties, collars, treats and dog jerky has gone mainstream art fair. And guess what I found at the Craftadain Spring Market in Hamilton last weekend?

Dog Peanut Butter.Bow Wow Butter - dog peanut butter

That’s right. Bow Wow Butter from Monkey Butter – a company specializing in unique flavoured peanut butter for people – has a dog version. Peanut butter for dogs.

Isn’t all peanut butter for dogs?

That’s what I thought, especially because that’s what I hide my dog’s pills it. (Checking first for xylitol, of course). I’ve made a few treats recipes or two. (Check them out).

Bow Wow Butter - dog peanut butterBow Wow Butter is all natural and contains peanuts, flax seed, brewers’ yeast (a natural flea repellent, according to creators), and rosemary extract for a little doggie zest. (No salt, sugar, gluten, soy or hydrogenated fats). Vancouver-based Monkey Butter was founded in 2011 with the intent to ‘spice up’ with coconut, chocolate, honey and more, a well-loved nutritious staple … loved by kids and dogs alike.

What else did Victor get?

Homemade peanut butter dog treats, of course, from Endless Pawzabilities. I knew he’d love them (ate three in one day) because we met Endless Pawzabilities before, when we hit the fall craft fair circuit … and Victor needed some holiday bow ties.

If you missed this event, there are more around the corner in Southern Ontario this year (2018):
  • Craftadian Spring Market, April 28, First United Church, Port Credit
  • Esty Made in Canada, May 5, RIM Park, Waterloo
  • Burlington Made Artisan Market, May 26, Ron Joyce Centre, Burlington
  • Made in Hamilton, August 25, McMaster Innovation Park, Hamilton
  • Craftadian Christmas Market, November 10, First United Church, Port Credit
  • Craftadian Christmas Market, December 1, McMaster Innovation Park, Hamilton

Mark you calendars. If you’re travelling through the area, drop in and experience local. You’ll likely find some dogs treats, accessories and maybe even doggie peanut butter.


  1. […] link) I bought impulsively a year ago, and it worked well popping out frozen treats with yogurt, peanut butter, and broth in perfect paw print […]

  2. Tippy loves peanut butter too. I use Simply Jiff – a little less fat and salt and no xylitol.

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