Taking a (Dog) Bath for a Good Cause: Ladybird Animal Rescue

How did my dog Victor celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

With a bath, of course rinsing away the wintertime blues and welcoming spring.  Actually, annoyed more accurately describes his mood, but his sacrifice was for a good cause.

First, I prefer clean dogs in my house and bed. Second, it’s the semi-annual bath time fundraiser for Ladybird Animal Sanctuary – a local rescue here in Southern Ontario, Canada.

Ladybird is a network of volunteers who provide foster homes for stray cats (mostly) and some dogs, hamsters, rats and bunnies before they find their forever homes. Most are taken from animal control and kill shelters.

My precious cat Daisy just happens to be a Ladybird Rescue.

For only $15, volunteers washed, lathered and dried at least 50 dogs on Saturday, March 17, 2018 at Pet Valu in Hamilton, Ontario at the store’s self-bath facility, attached to the full-service dog groomers. Nail trims where courtesy of Dr. Heather McGowen and staff from Glanbrook Veterinary Services – and Gonzo’s Guest House where Victor recently spent five days. They recognized him.

Victor climbed into the tiled self-serve bath reluctantly but willingly. Some of his much bigger buddies put up more resistance – a Great Dane required the efforts of three to get him in the tub. The big guys have nothing on my little terrier’s bravery.

Stay tuned for more bath (mis)adventures coming up next on dogtrotting.net – and yes, there’s a contest! Don’t miss it.

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  1. […] When travelling, I’ve often had to stop and give the pup a scrub before heading back to hotel, especially if we’ve been to the park. The Pet Valu at 1550 Upper James in Hamilton has a well-stocked do-it-yourself bath and drying station for only $10 per dog. They’re also an avid rescue supporter – check out one fundraiser experience here. […]

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