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“If I can’t take my dog, I’m not going,” someone said to me recently, and I thought, “Me, too,” which is the reason my dog Victor and I recently went on a dog-friendly Michigan Cider Mill tour. (More about that soon).

Clearly, we were talking about travelling, but the proclamation equally applies to evacuations due to disasters. Fortunately, I haven’t had this belief tested, but I’m certain I wouldn’t leave home without my cats, Sally and Daisy, and my dog, Victor.

Not all pets are so lucky.

Many disaster relief funds have been set up recently to support animals in need – too often overlooked victims. Red Roof Inn recently matched up to $10,000 donated through its corporate website to to support the organization’s emergency response efforts after Hurricane Harvey.

Sasha being a dog in the 1000 Islands, Ontario, Canada

Hey, I’m the first to call out corporate greed and impropriety whenever and where ever, so it’s only fair to give credit when due. Red Roof Inn actively promotes itself as fully on board with the ‘pets are family too’ lifestyle choice and, frankly, its support of Bests Friends specifically is laudable.

Thanks to Red Roof Inn, you can take your dog, so get going.   

Red Roof Inn is my favourite dog-friendly place in the U.S. to stay while road-tripping with my dog Victor. Every location is pet-friendly, making a multi-stop journey easy, and consistency of room design gives Victor reassuring familiarity.

Yes, the company is an affiliate on this site – please click through the link on the right to help us out (at no cost to you) – but that’s not why I’m recommending the brand.

October 24 Hour Sale

Red Roof Inn is an affiliate because I love and recommend the brand. For years, I’ve experienced great value every time I’ve used them. My experience ranges from adequate for the price to excellent and worth more. I’ve had the best results using Red Roof Inn Plus properties.

Granted, not everyone has. I’ve heard others express some discontent with individual properties (most are franchises), and Dogtrotting is opening to hearing about the good, bad, and doggone strange in the comments below.

However, TODAY ONLY through, you can try the brand (if you haven’t already) for up to 30% off an already great price – or visit a property for the first time from now (book now) until February 28, 2018 taking advantage of this discount.

Take the dog of course.

As always, all Red Roof Inn properties are pet-friendly for NO EXTRA FEE – even with the discount!

Reading this after October 25, 2017? You can still get 10% off – click here.


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