End of Summer Dog Adventure Part III: What does my dog say?

“He’s very tired,” Terri Beauchamp, CRA, says to me about my dog Victor. I’m not surprised – he’s on pain killers for a neck injury after playing with a much bigger, and younger, lab friend. But I’m still concerned.

“He’s almost too tired to talk,” she says, “but he really wants to be with you. That’s the most important thing.”

dog by poind at Stouffville's Mutt Masquerade 2017 dogtrotting.netWe’ve got a big day planned today, but I don’t think we’ll be out long. Victor and I drove about 90 minutes, past Toronto, to Mutt Masquerade in Stouffville, Ontario – the small town’s first annual dog festival.

We met Terri Beauchamp, an animal communicator, one of two dozen vendors lining the pond-side walkway. Later, we checked out the annual two-day Dog Tales festival in King City, Ontario, twenty-minutes away.

Fortunately, Victor talked early in the journey, so I didn’t get to hear what he really wanted to tell me by the end of the day. pet communicator and Victor at Stouffville Mutt Masquerade event 2017 dogtrotting.net

What does he want? To be with me, apparently, constantly. Not much else matters to him.

Including the cats. I really wanted to know what he thinks of our new black cat Sally, and our even newer calico Daisy (more about her soon).

He tolerates them,” Beauchamp says. “They are really working out their space. The new cat needs her own spot in the house.”

That’s not what I really wanted to hear, but she is the third psychic to tell me that about Victor’s love (not) of all things feline.

What else does he want? 
  • Apparently, he wants to be wrapped in a cotton throw. (I try that at home but he gets hot).
  • He likes to cuddle. (Not really. Like the cats, he tolerates me cuddling then moves away).
  • He wants a plastic or rubber toy shaped like a steak. Weird.

He also, according to Beauchamp, likes shopping with me after being at the groomers and selecting his own stuff. So, at the end of the day, I take him to PetsMart to look for that rubber steak. No luck. He wasn’t interested.

I’m also advised to look into Victor’s sore right ear and his stomach aches from the pain killers.

He likes chasing squirrels and gets really mad when they run up a tree – but that’s a safe guess with terriers.

dog at Stouffville's Mutt Masquerade 2017 dogtrotting.netWe ‘talk’ for about 15 minutes ($25 with $5 donated to an animal wildlife rescue fund). She tells me again to spend a lot of time with Victor and he’s tired – I hope only from a recently health set back.

My dog also doesn’t love water – only to wade in with his feet, not swim – but I knew that. Maybe he wanted that emphasized after spending ten sessions swimming in the physio therapy whirlpool last month.

Terri Beauchamp, based in Mississauga, Ontario, specializes in the following:

  • Intuitive Reiki
  • ZPoint, Mediation
  • Intuitive Energy Readings
  • Animal Communication
  • and is the author of Willow Bee, a children’s book about the benefits of mindful medication.

“As a natural empath,” she says, “I am able to assist people in understanding their energies and obstacles they are facing and obtain messages from their guides.”



She started by focusing on people, especially as a Reiki expert, but working with animals is a natural extension of her training. Understandable, considering her rescue dog Genie (once burned) is helping her migrate from the corporate world to following her true path.

Today, Victor has crossed that path and is lying in the rough straw-like grass near the leash free dog park in Stouffville revealing secrets while other dogs dressed in costumes strut just outside Beauchamp’s tent.

Some adventures are weirder than others. Today, it’s business as usual.

And… I did buy Victor that steak-shaped toy.steak toy
Check it out on Amazon US: Holee Gourmet Dog Toy (affiliate link)
or Amazon Canada: Holee Gourmet Dog Toy (affiliate link). 


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  3. Humm. Wonder what she would say Tippy wants to tell me? Probably that she doesn’t like me to take the truck for a ride and leave her at home. Of course, I know that already, because she does tell me all about it. LOL How does Victor like the steak shaped toy?

    1. We’re still waiting for the toy from Amazon.. but we’ll see. Yes, I think it’s a pretty safe bet to say our dogs don’t like us to leave without them. Unfortunately, Victor sometimes (like today) leaves me a puddle of discontent.

      1. Yikes! Tippy hasn’t done that yet, knock on wood. She’s usually okay with me leaving, just not if I’m in the truck. I think she thinks it is her vehicle and can’t possibly leave without her. LOL

      2. I hope he enjoys the new toy. He might appreciate more when he feels better 😊. Thank you for the write. So very kind of you 💜

        1. Thanks for the reading.

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