NYC Westminster Dog Show Part I: Rumor has it, it rocked!


Release the Hounds: WCK Dog Show 2017

The Hound Group opened the first evening competitions of the 2017 Westminster Dog Show in New York City – a step along the journey to ‘Best in Show’ designation.

Last night, these familiar hound breeds were met with more cheers than any other group likely because they’re familiar pets such as beagles, dachshunds, and greyhounds.

Sidlan the Irish Wolfhound was crowd favourite likely because of his size – this is the tallest breed in the competition – and his horse-like grace.

However, it would be Duffy, the Norwegian Elkhound, who took the category and moves onto the coveted ‘best in show’ competition tomorrow night. Judge Polly Smith described this “bitch” as “responsive and alert,” which met with audience approval.


The winning breeds of the remaining evening categories were more familiar to the average viewer – the WKC currently recognizes 220 breeds in total. (More about unique breeds I discovered at the ‘Meet and Compete’ event coming soon).

Chuckie the Pekingese took the Best Toy Dog category.

Aftin the Miniature¬†Poodle won the Best Non-Herding group title and…. drum roll…

Rumor the German Shepherd, who won the Herding class last year despite some controversy, took the title again this year and once again moves to the final round tomorrow evening.

All dogs at the evening WCK competition first compete during the day in breed specific classes at Pier 92/94 in New York City along the Hudson River. The Best in Breeds are chosen to compete in the evening at Madison Square Gardens to a crowd this year of about 3/4 capacity on night one of two.

For 141 years, this location has hosted the Westminster Dog Show since the event’s inception in 1877.

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UPDATE: Spoiler alert – Rumor Wins! More details about night two of the Westminster Dog Show 2017 to come….

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  2. I watched a little bit of the show yesterday afternoon. Forgot it was on last night.

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