Travel Burlington, ON: Pawing around the Festival of Lights

Victor in the snow dogtrotting.netTonight we’re pawing around Spencer Smith Park in Burlington, Ontario along Lake Ontario amid the Festival of Lights show. We’ve squeaked in to see it because this annual event runs until January 9, 2017 but started December 2, 2016.

It’s freezing cold night. No falling snow but a biting wind blowing from the lake.

I’m bundled up tight, but tonight Victor is shoeless. Not coatless though – he’s sporting his new horse blanket plaid durable winter coat from Shedrow K9 purchased from Greenhawk horse supply and tack shop. Another holiday present for my little terrier-cross.

He has no shoes because the ones I ordered – with front zippers for easy pull-on – from Pet Leso via Amazon are not good. I tried them on Victor, ordering the size suggested, and he easily kicked them off indoors. Therefore, they’re no match for the Great White North winters.

I’m having a hard time finding footwear for my little terrier that both fits over his dog booties at dogtrotting.netpaddle-like feet and stays on in the snow. We’ve tried wax and another brand of booties already: Check out our previous light show adventures in Simcoe and Brantford, Ontario.

Vic might be shoeless, but we’re not without company. My dog and I are participating in a Meet Up – Meet Up is an online site that helps people gather groups together who share common interests.

According to the company, Meet Up currently lists more than 260,000 groups in 184 countries (including Canada and the U.S.).  Apparently, there are half a million Meet Ups happening monthly.

Another fun fact: Meet Up also lists office dog Oreo among its employees.

Yes, there are Meet Up dog groups – or anyone can start one. Victor and I tried a small dog Meet Up once, but he’s too much energy for the precious little ones. Tonight, it’s not about dogs, but people over 40 willing to brave the cold and get outdoors.festival of lights at Spencer Smith Park, Burlington, Ontario

Victor is the only dog here and he’s having a great time. All of us are bundled up and he’s not sure which one is me. After one false start, he generally understands the plan and sticks with the group – even off leash. Yup, he’s running freely like mad.

Few others are walking along the Burlington waterfront in this affluent city about 40-minutes west of Toronto, Ontario. Some people are skating on the outdoor rink next to Spencer’s Restaurant, but most venturing down here tonight are inside sipping lattes.

festival of lights at Spencer Smith Park, Burlington, Ontario

Not Victor. He loves meeting up with a new pack – with or without booties. (Likely, preferably without)

If, like me, you’re searching for the best paw protection option, check out this doggie paw-wear review at You Did What with Your Wiener? – a site about hiking with dachshunds. (What did you think?)

The search continues – one more light show … one more dog boot option. Stay tuned.

What dog paw protection do you use? Please let us know in the comments section below!


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  3. I’m a huge fan of Shedrow coats. It makes me feel like I’m not dressing my dogs up.

    1. I like this one too. It’s like a horse blanket. But I do like dressing up my dog though – he doesn’t seem to mind.

      1. It’s fun when the dogs go to the barn and it matches blankets that horses are wearing. Definitely a bump up on the adorable scale.

        1. Yes I’ve seen that too. Very cute.

  4. The lights are beautiful. Tippy doesn’t use paw protection. It doesn’t get that cold here and she does fine without it. We don’t go anywhere that salt has been laid down recently. We stay put when it snows.

    1. I wish we didn’t need something. There is so much salt around here. I watched my neighbor carry her dog home because his paws were hurting.

      1. Awww. I’m glad I don’t have to worry about that. Do they have salt that is not harmful to pets paws?

        1. Some claim to be but it’s like walking on fine gravel, sticks to pass and hurts when they step down so dogs end up limping for a while.

          1. Awww. That makes me sad. I guess it isn’t poisonous, which is good, but the texture it not. 🙁

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